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Jun 19, 2012, 7:30 AM

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The Lakeside Victimís Fund collected 80,200P during a two week period here at Lakeside and from people north of the border using Pay Pal.

All but 1250P was given to the families. The 1250P will be given to the psychologist as an honorarium when she is through working with several members of the families.

The money given to the families ranged from 5000P to 11000P depending on their need.
A needs assessment was done by the committee with input from the Mexican liaisons who met with the families. Some families received some help from individuals who knew them and some had a bit of help from the Municipality of Chapala towards burial expenses. This was taken into account. Some families lost the wage earner of the family and this too was taken into account. When the envelopes containing their money was delivered it included a short letter telling them that it was from the foreign community because we wanted them to know how much we care and want to help.

You made a difference. These families are having a great deal of difficulty dealing with the tragic situation in which they find themselves. None of the families could have coped financially with the costs that have added to their burden. The money donated by so many members of the foreign community will go a long way to give them some relief.

The family members are very grateful for what you have done. It is good for them to know that people care about them and support them.

We also had a subset which was kept separate from the general fund. One young man who lost a brother was going to have to drop out of his university classes due to the expenses that created a lack of funds. We put it out there and one person will sponsor his tuition for the rest of his studies. His transportation and books are also going to be taken care of by contributors.. This year it will total about 47,400P. needed and contributed.

Thank you all. You opened your hearts and your wallets and you are making a difference.

Lakeside Victimís Fund.

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