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May 28, 2012, 7:22 AM

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(Information from Capitan Contreras and community-at-large)

General Information: The 01-800-839-1416 must be dialed from a Mexican phone, not your Vonage or Skype. It is a Mexican 01-800 line that goes directly into Canada. We are making stickers with the 01-800 number also. That will be available very soon at the four locations listed below.

We have had 16 Hot Tips since our Town Hall Meeting, the latest one last night. TWO of those calls have led to major police events. Congratulations! Keep using the line. It is very effective. Please inform your Mexican friends and neighbors the system is working. It is totally ANOYNMOUS and is a free call.

However, please remember, to use Ajijic (and not Ontario or Toronto) when the operator asks for your city of origin. They mean here, in Mexico. That is very confusing for the police department. You can understand why. Also remember, the ANONYMOUS HOTLINE is for leads to major crime activity, not every day police business. The number is local police business is 765-4444.

The new EMERGENCY 24/7 cell phones number have been very, very effective. Many have used them, and have reported that when they are used, the police have arrived within 3-5 minutes (even as far away as Tres Canadas!). Again, keep using those numbers. Please program ALL emergency numbers into your cell phone so they are handy, as well as the Anonymous Hotline. You never know when you will need it.

If you did not get your magnet or sticker, or if we had run out (we have more now), you can get them in four places:

1) The Chapala Police Department
2) The Ajijic Police Department
3) The Chapala City Hall
4) Lake Chapala Society

Each of these (the magnet or sticker) costs 2.5 pesos (about 20 cents, and this is a discounted rate), so please, if you get them, please use them. We are always in need of more donations. You can go directly to Actinver Banco and go to the window and ask to deposit money into the CSI Security fund: 6809495. That would be very much appreciated.

The rumors have become more controlled, but still exist. Please check for first hand sources before sending out emails to everyone.

Here are the things we were able to confirm:

1) YES. A local restaurateur’s 14 year old daughter was kidnapped last week. The kidnappers were not the Cartels, but rather local druggies. The daughter was returned safely.

2) A local resident reported receiving an extortion call with death threats. Using her head, she hung up and immediately called the new 24/7 Emergency Cell number for her area and the police arrived within 3 minutes. She reported the police were very helpful and she filed a report at MP (the correct thing to do for the record and for the detectives to follow-up.) Note: She thought it was the police calling to ‘check up on her’ that is why she spoke with them. Beware!

3) There are FIVE Narcos still in jail.

4) YES, “El Chato” was captured in a road block in Guadalajara.

5) NO, there were no reports about women, in Soriana or otherwise, who were threatened. The only incident that was reported came from a concerned mother when she found out her daughter was not in the classroom, she ‘thought’ she had been kidnapped. As it turns out, she was out for a walk with a friend.


1) Because of the concern from the local Ajijic mothers, the Police Chief met with the Board of Directors from elementary schools and he checked to verify if any of these schools have been threatened. They said NO.

2) However, CSI Chapala has decided to meet with all the schools PTA’s and to try to work with them in providing “secure arrivals and departures” to each school. To that end, CSI Chapala will buy each school 2 to 4, fluorescent vests and will have made 2 to 4 STOP SIGNS that the ‘safety patrols’ will hold to stop traffic. The number of each will depend upon how many crossing areas they have to enter and exit the school grounds. It will be the PTA’s job to set up the Parent Guard System.

3) CSI Chapala, in cooperation with the Police Department, will record in both English and Spanish urgent messages which will be broadcast by loud speakers on moving vehicles. Currently the hottest issue is the Prevention of Extortion.

4) The Chief of Police is asking for the help of CSI Chapala to re-launch an existing manual with “Programs for the Protection of Schools”.

5) CSI Chapala, in cooperation with the Mayor and the Chief of Police will be having a similar Town Hall Meeting in Chapala next week. Date to be announced.

6) CSI Chapala has re-ordered all 24/7 Emergency Phone Number stickers and magnets and they are available at the four locations listed above.

7) CSI Chapala is having new 01-800-839-1416 ANONYMOUS HOTLINE stickers for your phones made up. These also will be available soon in the same locations. Remember, be prepared before anything happens. CSI Chapala highly recommends you put ALL of the 24/7 Emergency Cell Phone numbers in your phones and also this 01-800-839-1416 number.
8) CSI Chapala has teamed up with the Lake Chapala Society to make all handouts available within the LCS Grounds.

9) CSI Chapala has a website: (click for English or Spanish) as well as both a Facebook account in English and Spanish.

We appreciate all the positive feedback we have been receiving and count on your continued financial support.

Thank you,

CSI Chapala


May 28, 2012, 7:50 AM

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Re: [johninajijic] CSI WEEKLY UPDATE - MAY 26

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Thank you, John. Very interesting and useful post.

Rolly Pirate


May 28, 2012, 11:58 AM

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Re: [johninajijic] CSI WEEKLY UPDATE - MAY 26

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Yes, Thanks John. Very interesting.


May 30, 2012, 12:20 PM

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Re: [johninajijic] CSI WEEKLY UPDATE - MAY 26

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please post the notice for the next CSI meeting in chapala. (as you did on another forum). there are some "issues" regarding this notice which need to be discussed, aside from the date/time/ etc. thank-you john.


May 31, 2012, 6:00 AM

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Re: [bronco] CSI WEEKLY UPDATE - MAY 26

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You can check for the latest from CSI on their website:
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