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May 14, 2012, 2:24 PM

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One solution to lakeside crime

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The following excerpt (in part) was posted - shortly before being deleted on TOB it's certainly one approach to dealing with crime in the area.

"The decision has been reached that no crime whatsoever will be allowed on any of the forums.

As of now there will no longer be any reporting of crime."

Hear no evil, see no evil


May 14, 2012, 7:17 PM

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Re: [stevebrtx] One solution to lakeside crime

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let me say something in behalf of banker. they were very generous to have the crime forum. it became a free for all & was abused by many members. the few who appreciated it lost it. the mods were subjected to insults, accusations. a few members understood their position, but most did not. locking threads that were getting old made sense, as the new information was being posted several times per day. if the members had stopped complaining about the locking, that may have simplified things. later the mods went on a "lock-spree"! maybe they made a mistake here & there. so what?? i would have shut my mouth @ that point, & not questioned their motives. also there were (in my opinion) tasteless manipulative hysterical posts mentioning nazi germany. much paranoia, attacks on members who do not believe in intervention, or want to indulge in the "collective grief". most of those threads/topics were deleted. few expats understand how powerful the cartels are. they own or have an interest in almost every business/corporation in mexico. it is best not to go to city hall w/requests & advice. then there were questions addressed to the mods reading them personal messages. this began to look like a high school club. they were not mommy & daddy, they were people running a site. they were not looking up passwords & spying. it is easier to ask another member for their email address, & continue correspondence that way. that site is unique. it is the first expat site that would publish more traditional conservative view points (even before the crime section opened). most sites reflect the far left trickle down baby boomer marketing rhetoric. i have high regard for the moderators, understand why they deleted some of my posts. if the crime section had maintained some dignity, AND obeyed the rules, it may have stayed open. i am also guilty for engaging in inappropriate discussions. my only regret is not learning how to use the "save for later" option.


May 14, 2012, 7:37 PM

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Re: [bronco] One solution to lakeside crime

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If you take a sizable step back, think about it for a minute, it really shouldn't be any great surprise what happened. There is, and always has been, an inherent conflict of interest that whether overt, or imagined is going be an underlying suspicion when things like this happen. I don't know how long you've watched, but this is far from the first cycle of convulsions. It serves a purpose when you need special shoes, or a model airplane in Guad, but they didn't think their way through this one and it bit them. As they say "the more things change the more they stay the same".


May 14, 2012, 8:25 PM

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Re: One solution to lakeside crime

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Criticizing the actions of other web boards is not appropriate, so lets back off before we get into a free for all over the activities on TOB.

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