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Nov 16, 2002, 4:27 PM

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Challenge for Monterrey-based soccer fans!

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It has been claimed on another website about the Origin of the Mexican wave that the first occasion on which the wave was ever performed was by fans watching a soccer match between Monterrey and Tigres in the city of Monterrey, in the 1970's.

I'm curious to find out if any Mexico Connect viewer can confirm this version, or if there is anyone who perhaps knows of a Tigres or Monterrey fan who might have been present and be able to provide first-hand details?




Nov 16, 2002, 5:10 PM

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Re: [tonyburton] My research shows:

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Roger said:

he Wave was born in November, 1985 during a friendly match between Mexico and Argentina played in a beautiful evening at Universitario Stadium in San Nicolas
de los Garza (very close to Monterrey), Mexico. Monterrey fans
have been known to be very supportive (and very demanding) to their
local teams, and of course to the national squad. It was in that
game that the wave was first used for a football (soccer) match at
the international level. From that game on, people really got to love
it and became pretty popular in almost every friendly match played by
Mexico prior to the 1986 WC. When the WC began, it was kind of "normal"
to see the Wave in every match. Fans from all over the world joined
this new way to enjoy football games and the Mexican Wave got born
for the international community.

but then Big Dave said

There is no "Mexican Wave". The wave was introduced in U.S.
stadiums during the early 1980's football seasons. The Mexicans
simply incorporated it into their stadium repertoire during the
1986 World Cup. Mexicans like to "incorporate" a lot of what is
'American pop culture' into their own ...

and Sergio replied:

Tough luck for the americans if people all over the world call it the mexican
wave. be sure that if it gets into the dictionary one day it will get in as
"mexican wave" not "american wave".

and then Conrad totally ticked off said:

And 'Americans' (white America that is) of the U.S. like to "incorporate"
a lot of what is culture of other people and then think as if they invented
it themselves. The beast has brainwashed '2nd and 3rd world' countries into
thinking that they should be just like itself (the US and other 'modern'
countries) and in the process ensures that the atrocities of the past will
be repeated again. Piensalo ciegos!!!! 'Viva Zapata!'

Then David said:

It's a sad reflection on the direction of New Zealand rugby when the Mexican Wave makes regular appearances. Anyone participating in this
singularly silly public embarrassment should be sentenced to live in
Mexico for a year. I go to rugby games to watch rugby, not leap around
like an intoxicated baboon

But J says it's from Washington

This is perhaps already well known to some of you, and perhaps in the
FAQ but even this trivial point bears repeating. The Mexican Wave
was started by University of Washington (american) football fans in
Huskie Stadium in Seattle Washington. When it was imported
to the Kingdom for pro-football, with its two balconies, clockwise and
counterclockwise simultaneous waves were common. This takes nothing from
the Mexicans as they did it at least as well as the generally

and Gordon insists

It was started in 1981. The history is in Husky stadium the student
sections are color coded white, yello, green, purple, and brown. I think
that is the order, and they run vertical up the stadium. Rob Weller was
a male chearleader at the time and one of the things they would do is a
student body attitude check where each section would stand up and scream
to see which section had the most spirit. Well one football game they
were doing an attitude check starting from the open end of the stadium
(husky stadium is a horse shoe) and working towards the closed end. Well
each section stood up one section at a time like a slow wave and when it
got to the edge of the student section it kept going. Rob saw how cool
this looked and We spent the next few years working on it. The huskies
could get 3 waves going at a time, 2 one direction and 1 the other. it
was cool, but it got old by about 85, The seahawks (pro football) and it
was seen on national TV and it spread from there.

and Roger Angell wrote an article in the "New Yorker"

where he describes seeing it at the '84 World Series in Detroit.

But Phrase Finder says:

Given that name when the phenomenon came to a mass audience during the football World Cup held in Mexico in 1986. It had originated somewhat earlier in US colleges.

Go figure!!!


Nov 16, 2002, 8:05 PM

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Re: [Jeannie] My research shows:Moon wave

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After reading about this "Mexican wave" debacle(personally a Mexican 'moon' wave would fit the bill methinks, it would be a first allright) a few other appropiations came to mind, for instance Barbacoa..Stateside it's called Barbecue and originates in the states(bunk)Chile con carne ..simply known as "chili" up here, a great American tradition,huh? (bunk).Pinatas have taken hold also, so is Cinco de Mayo, before long we are going to be told that pinatas originated in New England states and Cinco de Mayo was a battle between the Sioux and the Arapaho, sort of like McNamara and the Mayaguez incident. Disinformation to the max. Just a shell game .....and no, I care not who sat in a stadium and and rose to flatulate...<G> in synchronicity
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