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Apr 7, 2012, 3:15 PM

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Vigilante or Valiente?

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I have a concept of these two terms, which in Sam Quinones book , gives the impression they are still very much alive in Mexico. Vigilantes, of course are when a group of local people (more often described as a 'mob') take the law into there own hands, and carry out an immediate, and often brutal, justice. Valiente is a more complicated term to me, and I was wondering if anyone can explain it. As I understand is it a town bully, hired to avenge what someone considers a vile act.

The context, and the debate here is over the "Tatoo Bandit". The one in the hills of Puerto Vallarta who robbed three cruise tourists on a tour bus, prompting international coverage. It has now been reported -not IN ANY NEWSPAPER Of ANY KIND - but still what is considered a reliable source, that the bandit was found shot dead, and the police were informed of his exact location. The impression, from this source, was a warning to others not to try this ever again. Of course, there are wild speculations every way, and we never know the truth.
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