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Mar 21, 2012, 8:29 AM

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Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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I am wondering about the costs of cremation and related costs (excluding any funeral procession, meals for mourners etc) here in Mexico for one of Mexico's own (i.e. not a Gringo).

I would suspect there would be related costs of a doctor, possibility an autopsy, and an urn of some kind. This would not include an internment place as it is going to be in a private family memorial garden at the family home. So, from start of finding the body to when it is presented in an urn or box to the family what would the associated costs be?




Mar 21, 2012, 9:14 AM

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Re: [robt65] Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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The cost does not depend if it is a gringo or a national but on what you want done.
No autopsy in a natural death case and no embalment . I would imagine the cost varies according to the Funeral home and the arranements. The better way to know for the area you have in mind is to speak with a couple of funeral homes. There was a threadŽon on cost of funeral in Ajijic done by a Guadalajara funeral home since there is no crematorium locally. It will give you an idea.

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Mar 21, 2012, 9:38 AM

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Re: [Vichil] Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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Hi Vichil,

Thanks for your response. I will gtry to find that thread on I appreiate the reply. Hope all is well with Bob and you.



Mar 21, 2012, 1:04 PM

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Re: [robt65] Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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Costs probably vary by locality, but here in Merida Yucatan, a typical cost for cremation and a simple urn is around 9000-10,000 pesos. This includes transport of the body, a casket that is used for the transport, and during the wake, help with the Registro Civil for the death certificate. Any doctors fees (for the death certificate, which must be provided to the funeral home) would be extra. Autopsies may be required by the state or municipality for cases of violent death, or where a doctor cannot/will not sign a certificate -- there may or may not be charges for this, but it is a state function, not provided by funeral homes.
IMSS also provides funeral services, and their costs may be somewhat less.
Burial is less expensive here, but, again, this may differ indifferent states/municipalities.


Mar 21, 2012, 1:24 PM

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Re: [robt65] Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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I really have too much time on my hands, and I'm not that old yet. I went to the Funeraria here in Queretaro state to ask them about the cost of dying.

Simple cremation:
Assuming no holdups in a brief autopsy and pronouncement of death by the local authorities, the funeraria will pick up my dead body at the local Red Cross and transport it to their facility. No velatorio service.

The next day, they will transport my body to their crematorium in a simple container (cardboard box?) and cremate, and have my ashes waiting for pickup the next day. A Death Certificate can be obtained by someone else for a few pesos more at the local Registro Civil.

Before the cremation, they will remove all metal from my body. Yes, they will pull out my gold teeth, and yes, whoever picks up my ashes can receive those pieces of gold to sell and pay for my disposal. (hahaha - yes, I did ask this). Cost for the simple cremation, carton for the ashes and transport costs is 5500 pesos.

If I want my ashes stored in an urn in their facility, my urn will go into a niche with two other urns and then sealed. The upfront cost for this is another 6500 pesos, plus an annual maintenance cost of 300 pesos. Perpetual maintenance (the 300 pesitos per year) cannot be paid upfront in a lump sum. No annual payment received somewhere down the road and they will later pull out the urn and dispose of it somewhere. I asked if he would put in a deck of cards or some dominos so we 3 could pass perpetuity faster, but it didn't appear that he could. The funeral director did smile though.:-)

If I want my ashes shipped to another country, no problem. They include a copy of the Death Certificate with the ashes for Customs to let them pass. Forgot to ask about using Fed-Ex instead of Correos Mexico for the shipping of the ashes, or the shipping costs.

Simple burial:
If I choose not to be cremated but want my body to be buried, they can do that. A basic casket, one velatorio service at the funeraria, transport from the autopsy and to the pantheon costs 6700 pesos total. The body would be buried the next day.

There are several private cemeteries here. A space for my casket and body costs 17,000 pesos upfront, plus an annual maintenance fee of 300 pesos. If the annual fee is not paid somewhere down the road, they will pull it out, cremate what's left and dispose of the ashes. A title to the space in the cemetery is received when the 17,000 pesos are paid. There is no way here to pay one lump sum for perpetual maintenance upfront, just 300 pesos per year. I didn't ask about any associated costs, such as a marker or headstone, etc.

One note from experience with an acquaintance who died leaving a mess, no MX will and no money in MX: US citizens need a death certificate to settle their affairs on the US side. Any final costs must be paid here in MX (any hospital or medical costs, cremation etc for the end ) before the MX side will issue a MX death certificate and/or release of the remains. That MX Death Certificate must then be sent to the US Embassy in DF and they will then issue another Death Certificate good for settling things on the US side. Avoid problems for your survivors by planning ahead. No survivors? No problem.

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Mar 21, 2012, 1:42 PM

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Re: [GringoCArlos] Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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Good research GringoCarlos,my neighbor in GDL has told his son that he wants him to jump the fence at the monument"Hombres Illustres de Jalisco"en el centro and spread his ashes there when the time comes.Cremation appears to be gaining acceptance in Mexico,I want half my ashes in the Pacific which will provide my family with a good excuse to go to the beach and the other half on a hill over looking my wife's ranchito in Guanajuato.Hopefuly not any time soon.

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May 4, 2012, 2:47 AM

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Re: [robt65] Creamation and Related Death Costs in Mxxico.

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In your family memorial can plant a tree from ashes....I am also using is the pic of my garden...and this tree for my grandfather...

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