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Feb 23, 2012, 2:13 PM

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Types of beans, grains available in Mexico/Morelia

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I am wondering about the different types of grain, including rice, and beans are available and the best places to purchase them. Also, what beans can be grown in a garden in Morelia?



Feb 23, 2012, 5:54 PM

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Re: [Diana] Types of beans, grains available in Mexico/Morelia

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Beans available in Morelia at Mercado Independencia, Mercado San Juan, and all of the Morelia tianguis where I have shopped: peruano bola, peruano mayocoba, negro, bayo, alubia chica, alubia grande, rosa de castilla, flor de mayo, flor de junio, fava, and occasionally (but not often) pinto. Additionally, packaged beans are available at all supermarkets, but they are NOWHERE NEAR the quality of beans purchased in bulk at a market or tianguis. Whenever possible, look for the signs that say, 'Frijol XXXX nuevo'. That means the beans are from the current harvest and are not old beans from storage.

The principal bean-producing states in Mexico are in the northeastern part of the country. I never knew anyone in Morelia who grew his/her own beans.

Rice available in Morelia at all of the same places where beans are sold: Morelos, some I can't remember the names of, and an extra-large-grain rice that is my favorite that has a variety of names. At the tianguis where I shopped most often, it is called Buenavista. You will also see rices that are short grain and long grain, and a relatively inexpensive rice called 'quebrado' because it is broken. In addition, there are other kinds of rice available at Morelia's supermarkets, including the occasional basmati, a wonderful rice called Jojutla (packed by Covadunga), various pre-cooked rices similar to Uncle Ben's and Minute Rice, and a pretty wide variety of pre-flavored premium rices.

Other than all of the above, is there something else you are looking for? If you can be specific, I'll wrack my brain for you.

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