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Jan 10, 2012, 8:45 AM

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Mexican Ingenuity . . . . Donít Ya Just Love It !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello All,

This is just one I had to share with all the home repair types out in MexConnect Land.

Mexican Ingenuity . . . . Donít Ya Just Love It !!!!!!!!!!! and while the Mexicans surely do not have a corner on that market, ingenuity is something that just makes my day! . . . . . and "necessity being the mother of invention" . . . . most Mexicans do seem to have a good handle on ingenuity. I just had to share this one with you all.

Today while working on finishing some closets, my contractor was having a bit of a problem with a hot water control valve in the new shower that he just finished tiling everything was done and then I added an extension on the hand held shower unit, as my wife is five foot and a feather tall and I am 6'5' tall, I noticed a small leak around the base plate of the hot water control knob on the wall. So we got together and started taking it apart.

Adding a good concrete base added a bit of depth to the length of the control knob where it is soldered into the copper pipe in the wall. It was just enough to make it very tough to grip with any selection of wrenches and sockets that we had between us. The socket sets I have were just a bit too thick on the side walls of the socket and it was impossible to grip with a set of channel locks.

We had opened the valve as this usually needs to be done to get the valve off and after shutting off and draining the water lines to the house, we got serious about taking off this valve to seek the problem of the small leak. Not wanting to damage the soft brass casing and not wanting to remove a tile that was just laid a few days earlier, we were at an impasse with this control knob that was putting up a heck of a good fight. We sure didn't want to damage the (again soft) brass threads, both an interior and an exterior threaded unit, so we took a break and thought of a few things that might work, when all of a sudden my contractor gets up and runs outside to his truck. He comes back with a four sided tire lug wrench and after sizing up the opening in the tile and the size of the hex shaped valve head, he slips on the lug wrench carefully (11/16ths size) and sure enough the stubborn valve comes off like soft butter! We just sat there and laughed. Ingenuity . . . . . don't ya just love it!!!!

That is one trick I hope not to forget if another such circumstance comes along. I asked him what made him think of the lug wrench and he just shrugged his shoulders and said he really didn't know . . he was desperate and he just thought he would try it! This is a really talented guy and has saved me a bunch of bucks from many such ingenious ideas he has had during this remodel project. I sure am happy he is on board with me on this project. Iím going to have to think of a special gift to get him after the remodel is finished.


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