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Oct 26, 2011, 6:08 AM

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Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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Want to end the "no front license plate" hassles?
Friends of ours simply took their license plate into a print shop (the kind that makes small signs) and had them create a plastic front plate for about $8. Alternately, you can instead scan your rear plate, print a high quality color copy, and laminate the color copy, (but the sign looks better).
They install the mock plate while in Mexico, and fly through the retens.
IMPORTANT - This might have worked in this case, but for an entirely different experience, see the post by skier14 near the end of this thread. [added by TB for clarification]
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Oct 26, 2011, 6:40 AM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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I had my neighbor paint a MXN flag plate for my car, never had it questioned even in the US where I'm plated.


Oct 26, 2011, 6:44 AM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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Many vehicles purchased in states requiring only the rear plate do not have a front license plate bracket/holder. So unless you want to drill holes in your front bumper/fascia you would also need the bracket, which for my Fusion would cost another $12 to $30.

In the DF and Edomex we have continuing CONAGO road checks that are set up primarily to detect stolen vehicles and wanted felons. I am not sure I would want to explain a cpoied (counterfeit plate) at one of these checks.


Oct 26, 2011, 6:59 AM

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Re: [fordmexico] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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Good point, ford.

Since the front plate exactly matches the rear plate (same information), I doubt that 99.9% of the officers would question it. I understand that the rules on the front placa do not specify of what material it must be made, just that it be present. It also serves the function intended: allowing the police to ID a license number from the front of the vehicle, which means it also meets the spirit of the law.

Still, Mexican police, like other authorities, are given broad discretion in how they enforce the laws, so, there might be 1:1000 officers who like to make things difficult: like Robt65's $2801 peso INM issue, like drivers who are stopped for not having original documents or officially certified copies of their vehicle documents in the car, like drivers who are stopped for using the Article 106 clause that allows them to maintain a valid INM permission/visa that keeps their Temporary Import vehicle permit current.

Whenever one asks a government official the exact details of how things should be done, you risk having them insert all sorts of individual interpretations & variations, like asking a US IRS agent how to handle unusual situations: Ask 5 different officials, get 5 different answers.

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Oct 26, 2011, 9:25 AM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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ford's point may have several faces: Each State in Mexico issues its own Reglamento de Transito. I was aware of Yucatan's Reglamentos, but I didn't know the Reglamentos for DF & Mexico Cit.y, ford described his concerns about getting tripped-up in their vehicle anti-theft retenes, so, we pulled up the Federal Highway, DF, Metropolitano, & edomex rules to see if there is anything published that address a front plate that is a copy of the official rear plate.

The Reglamento de Transito for DF lists the following requirements for license plates: (Using Google Translate)
"Article 16
Motor vehicles can only drive with:
License plates
or temporary permits in force or if the copy
certified the claim for loss to the Public Prosecutor, same
they must:
a) Be placed in the space provided by the vehicle manufacturer;
b) To be free of any object or substance that hinders or obstructs its
visibility or registration;
c) Match the permanent transfer of movement, card
circulation and vehicular control records, and
d) Have the size and characteristics specified by the Mexican Official Standard
II. The decal permanent circulation, and
III. The vehicle inspection hologram effect or if the certified copy of
the reporting of the loss to the Public Prosecutor."

Or the Spanish language version to carry in DF(?):
"Artículo 16
Los vehículos automotores sólo pueden circular con:
Placas de matrícula o permisos provisionales vigentes o en su caso la copia
certificada de la denuncia de la pérdida ante el Agente del Ministerio Público, mismos
que deben:
a) Estar colocadas en el lugar destinado por el fabricante del vehículo;
b) Encontrarse libres de cualquier objeto o sustancia que dificulte u obstruya su
visibilidad o su registro;
c) Coincidir con la calcomanía permanente de circulación, con la tarjeta de
circulación y con los registros del control vehicular; y
d) Tener la dimensión y características que especifique la Norma Oficial Mexicana
II. La calcomanía de circulación permanente; y
III. El holograma de verificación vehicular vigente o en su caso la copia certificada de
la denuncia de la pérdida ante el Agente del Ministerio Público.

I am no attorney, but these regulations do not seem to prohibit front plates that are exact copies of the rear plate.


"Article 118 .- Vehicles shall be retained and sent immediately to the nearest depot in the following cases:
I. When committing a breach of these rules does not have his driver license and / or permit to drive, personal identification card for public transport operators have the vehicle registration certificate, or document that justifies the omission;
II. When the vehicle both plates missing, or the document justifying the omission;
III. When the vehicle plates do not match numbers and letters on the sticker or registration certificate
Spanish version:
"Artículo 118.- Sólo procederá la retención de cualquier vehículo, remitiéndolo de inmediato al depósito más cercano, en los siguientes casos:
I. Cuando al cometer una infracción al presente reglamento su conductor carezca de licencia y/o permiso para conducir vehículos, tarjeta de identificación personal para operadores de transporte público y el vehículo no tenga tarjeta de circulación,o el documento que justifique la omisión;
II. Cuando al vehículo le falten ambas placas, o el documento que justifique la omisión;
III. Cuando las placas del vehículo no coincidan en números y letras con la calcomanía o la tarjeta de circulación

Again, I see no mention of requirements or penalties for having a copy that contains the appropriate and correct information.

The Rules for Traveling Federal Highways (REGLAMENTO DE TRÁNSITO EN CARRETERAS FEDERALES) say:
"ARTICLE 41. The plates must be firmly placed, one in front of the vehicle and another
in the back, in places intended for that purpose, except in the case of motorcycles,
bicycles and trailers that carry only a plaque on the back.
Shall not be employed for the fixation of the plates, any procedure that defaces or
modify in any way. ...

ARTICLE 45. It prohibits the use of plates, greeting circulation or in a vehicle sticker
other than that for which they were issued these documents.

Spanish language version:
"ARTICULO 41. Las placas deberán estar colocadas firmemente, una en la parte frontal del vehículo y otra
en la parte posterior, en los lugares destinados al efecto, excepto cuando se trate de motocicletas,
bicicletas y remolques que sólo llevarán una placa en la parte posterior.
Queda prohibido emplear, para la fijación de las placas, cualquier procedimiento que las desfigure o las
modifique en alguna forma.

ARTICULO 45. Se prohibe la utilización de placas, tarjetas de circulación o calcomanía en un vehículo
distinto de aquel para el cual fueron expedidos dichos documentos.

We've searched over 300 pages of Federal, DF, Edomex, Yucatan, et al regulations covering vehicle plate rules, and we can't find anything that prohibits the use of a front plate that matches the rear plate. Individual Mexican States write their own reglamentos, so, we advise getting a copy of your state's Reglamentos de Transito to keep in the car. In Yucatan, all vehicles will be required to have a copy of Yucatan's Reglamentos when driving. We offered the Spanish language versions of pertinent regulations (above) if drivers think it helps to carry copies of the national regs, like Articulo 106, in their cars.

Happy Trails,
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Nov 16, 2011, 9:53 AM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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I have been having problems with the transito due to a lost/stolen front California license plate. 50 peso fine. My solution was to make a copy of my rear plate and enclose it in a plastic frame placed on the front bumper. No problems for the last 6 months until today. Leaving the parking lot at Walmart in Tonala, Jalisco I was waved over by an officer(transito). I was accompanied by my step-daughter who was holding her baby on her lap. The officer lectured her about the dangers as I do much of the time. After the lecture the officer asked for my car documents and went to look at the front plate. He then asked for my drivers license and proceeded to tell me that the law prohibited non-original plates and that the penalty for false documents was up to 6 years in prison. He had a hand held device that brought up the law for me to read. He told me that he could not give me a ticket as this was a violation of a law different than traffic, but he would hold me until the regular police arrived and i would be taken downtown. My step-daughter talked to him for awhile and then she called her husband who was working near-by and when he arrived it was determined that the officer would let me go for a mordida. I had 800 pesos in my wallet which he said was too little. He said others have given 5000 pesos. After more discusion he said he would take 3500 pesos. He let me go to the bank in my son-in-law´s car to get the money. Have a nice day was his reply when he left. I am now going to go with the front mexican flag plate and pay the 50 peso fine if ticketed. I do not ever plan to take my 1996 Dodge Neon back to the states for new plates. I will try to legalize the car next year as I did my old pick-up some 6 years ago. Such is Life.


Nov 16, 2011, 11:37 PM

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Re: [skier14] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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Balance of postings removed as being too personal, too off stream and while a couple of them were OK they became lost in the mix.

David McL

Bennie García

Nov 17, 2011, 5:49 AM

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Re: [DavidMcL] Tired of "No Front License Plate" Hassles?

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In Reply To
Balance of postings removed as being too personal, too off stream and while a couple of them were OK they became lost in the mix.


Well you may want to post a disclaimer on the original post. Someone who follows such advice can obviously find themselves in serious trouble.
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