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Audrey Bean

Aug 27, 2011, 4:21 AM

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Help!!! Making corn tortillas from scratch

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I am really hoping someone can help me!!

I read 4 recipes* for making corn tortillas, all nearly identical, from credible sources (including this one).

The problem is, I can't get them thin enough.

I tried using a rolling pin but the dough breaks apart. I assumed the problem would be gone once I got a tortilla press. I bought one from, a simple wooden model (big flat wooden press, approx 9" square, with no lip or indentations inside, just a flat wooden surface).

The result is exactly the same. Even if I put my entire body weight on top of the press, the dough is still about half an inch thick. This means tortillas are unusable and inedible.

I tried adding more water, less water, using more/less dough, and using the rolling pin after using the press. No matter what variation I try, I cannot get them thin enough without breaking apart the dough. I can only get them to be about 3" around before they split.

Maybe I need even more water? I am really at a loss and nearly desperate to make my own corn tortillas! I just love them and this has been a fruitless quest of mine for years!!


*recipe and products used:

Bob's Red Mill golden corn flour masa harina (1 cup)--recipe from package (product ingredients: corn and lime)

warm water (recipe called for .5 cup + up to 1 more tablespoon if needed, I had to keep adding more just to make a dough, ~2 tablespoons)

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Aug 31, 2011, 11:15 AM

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Re: [Audrey Bean] Help!!! Making corn tortillas from scratch

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I don't know what you could do except add more water, or start over with different masa. You shouldn't have to work that hard to get a thin tortilla. Is there a tortilleria (tortilla factory) where you live? If so, go ask if you can buy some prepared masa. Many will sell it by the pound. Supermarkets in California (and I presume, in other places) sell prepared masa, also. Or, go buy some Maseca or Quaker brand masa and try mixing that instead of the brand you have.
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