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Nov 7, 2002, 1:09 AM

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Telmex in Cancun?

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Hi again-

I was wondering if anyone living in Cancun has DSL internet service though Telmex. And if so is it relaible, and fast? I have checked out the Telmex site and it is in spanish and after translating it it is mostly still in spanish,my spanish is very rusty so I am unable to do much research......My prospective landlord says that It will cost $300.00 for the modem and $50.00 for the this accurate? I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but I was unsure as to wether Telmex is thoughout the Country or just in the Yucatan area....

many thanks


Jim in Cancun / Moderator

Nov 7, 2002, 4:50 AM

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Re: [marcella] Telmex in Cancun

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Yes Telmex is in Cancun and--at least IMHO--is still the best option for most services--at least around here. I have also investigated other options and it appears that the Prodigy "Infinitum" option is the best available for what you want and the pricing is approximately what you were quoted. More Spanish here:

The number in the middle of the page are in pesos but you can see what they are. The 256 is probably what you would need--normal connection speek here is about 50 kbps

"Cable Mas" offers an option by cable which is fast and probably cheaper currently but no one is sure how long the speed will be what it currently is as more and more people sign up.

And donīt worry about posting in the "wrong" place. You are always welcome here.
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