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Jul 19, 2011, 10:58 AM

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need information on living in Cuernavaca

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My wife and I are in the planning stages of moving to Cuernavaca. We are retired Americans. Our only concern is how much activity there is or is not in Cuernavaca. We like to stay active but things like playing golf are very low on our list. We are aware that the expat community is rather small in Cuernavaca as opposed to let's say Ajijic. So, can anyone share their experiences with us as far as what there is to do and how to meet people in Cuernavaca ? Also, we understand there are three distinct climate zones in Cuernavaca. North, Central and South. WE have been told the north can be somewhat cold, but how cold ? also that the south can be hot, but how hot ? Any advice as to location would be very much appreciated. Thanks !


Jul 20, 2011, 4:19 AM

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Re: [twelveoaks] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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Newcomers Club of Cuernavaca

Sparks Mexico Blog - Sparks Costalegre


Jul 20, 2011, 12:16 PM

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Re: [twelveoaks] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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My wife and I are moving to Cuernavaca the end of the year for retirement as well. We have been down several times now. They have a very active Newcomer's club with all sorts of activities. They have been very helpful to us in answering a lot of questions for us. When are you planning to move down? The three climates do exist in Cuerna. We have usually stayed in the middle area which is a pretty constant 70 - 90 F area. I have heard that the more northern parts get into the 60's and the southern part can get very hot in the 90s. Even at that, the temp during the day seems to be pretty temperate. There are differences in rainfall too in those three areas. Those are things the newcomers could help with. They meet at an English speaking Anglican church there. I think there are about 200 members now. Where are you living now? Who knows, we could be neighbors when we get down there.
There is also a yahoo group that you can get in that is very active with information. Email and ask to join.


Jul 25, 2011, 8:11 PM

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Re: [twelveoaks] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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I live in Cuernavaca. It is generally believed, and people boast, that this is a city with four distinct climate zones, warmer in the south, cooler in the north. I live in the north, it is never cold here, cool in the winter, but never cold. I have never seen frost here. It does not rain any more here than in the rest of town.

This year, there has been more rain than usual though, Starting in the late afternoon usually. It very seldom rains in the daytime here normally. This year, a lot of areas in Mexico had some severe weather, lots of rain and cold weather. We did not.

Occasionally, a hurricane comes ashore from the gulf, passes through Mexico City and heads for us. The mountains always split them, and we only get some high winds.

The first house my late wife and I leased was in Burgos, in the southern part of the city, Burgos is considered to be a part of Cuernavaca, actually, it is a part of the municipality of Temixco.

It gets very warm in the south sometimes, it was 94 Degrees there for 2 or 3 summer days about 11 years ago. The coolest it has ever been here in the north was about 48 degrees for a couple of nights about 4 or 5 years ago, cool, but not cold. In these unheated houses in Mexico, it is a good idea to bring a couple of sweaters with you to wear in the house in the winter, fuzzy slippers are a good idea too. A light Windbreaker ® style jacket is all you will need to go out at night in the winter here.

Do not believe any weather reports for this area that are posted by any online weather reporting service. The temperatures reported are always about 10 or 20 degrees warmer or cooler than it actually is here.

The official city motto for Cuernavaca is “The city of Eternal Spring” (a lot of people have tried to swipe our motto, but we had it first, for many years.) We may not have the ideal climate here (if there is such a thing) but it is pretty darn good.

It is hard to do, but rent temporarily for a while while you decide where you want to live here. Be prepared to make a large security deposit if you don't have a Mexican friend to pledge another house to the owner to assure him that the rent will be paid on time every month. This is Mexico, not a tourist area.

Cuernavaca is a Spanish speaking area. It is a very rare thing to find anyone that speaks English in any bank, government, or business office here. No one gives a xxxx about speaking English to help you. If you speak no Spanish, bring a couple of good Spanish-English dictionaries with you. Forget the electronic translators, If you don't know how to spell the word, they are useless. If in doubt, look in the English section to find the Spanish word you want.

Start by never asking for a English menu in any restaurant. The translations are so inaccurate, you will seldom get what you thought you ordered. You will soon get used to ordering food from a Spanish language menu.

We have excellent shopping right here in town. My late wife was from Mexico City, she used to need to go there to buy many things. For the past decade of her life, she didn’t need to go there for anything. We have a Sam's Club, Costco, Wall-Mart Supercenter, Liverpool, Home Depot, Office Depot, Many great department stores and supermarkets, as well as all of the little local markets and tiendas etc. right here in town. Fine, and inexpensive restaurants too.

Good luck, learn some Spanish if you move here. I am not fluent, but I know enough to get by. Doors will open if you just try.

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved" - Victor Hugo

Linda in Morelia

Jul 27, 2011, 7:07 PM

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Re: [twelveoaks] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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May I suggest that before you embark on your "planning stages of moving to Cuernavaca" that you spend some time there, maybe initially a month in a furnished rental, during which time you can explore a lot of answers to your questions. Many people decide to move to a certain city in Mexico before they really live there for any length of time. Personally, I think anyone who wants to move to Mexico would benefit enormously from taking 4 to 6 months, living for at least a month in 4 to 6 different areas that appeal to them based on their research, before making a decision. There is nothing like being right there, asking all kinds of people who live there, what it's like. It may be that you have already spent time in Cuernavaca, in which case this suggestion is moot for you, but may not be for other folks considering a move to Mexico.

Linda in Morelia

P.S. You may want to consider Morelia -- it's a great city, not too big, not too small, great cultural offerings, gorgeous architecture, ok enough of that.


Jul 27, 2011, 8:12 PM

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Re: [Linda in Morelia] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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The suggestion of spending a month in a town before moving there is of course a good one. Similarly, you should rent for 6 months at least before you buy. Easy to have rose colored glasses for a month, you may find the downsides later. Maybe 12 months is better, so you experience the full range of weather.

Of course, Cuernavaca, the city of eternal spring, has fairly consistent weather.



Jul 28, 2011, 1:50 PM

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Re: [Papirex] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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Hi, Rex,

I'm an infrequent poster here, and even that's an overstatement. Was, and still am, thinking about moving to Cuernavaca and had asked your advice about a few things three or four years ago.

You were extraordinarily gracious with your time and knowledge, to this day I still remember and appreciate that.

Also remember quite vividly how many times you mentioned your wife in your posts. It made me imagine what a close and loving relationship you had. So much to my chagrin to see she is no longer with you physically, though am sure she is still in your heart and in your soul.

My condolances for your loss, Rex, and hope you're doing well in the "new normal" that you find yourself.

Best Wishes,
Robby Lee Feldman


Jul 28, 2011, 5:52 PM

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Re: [robbers] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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Thank you for your kind thoughts Robbers. I lost my wife Doris on February 27th, this year. She was just 55 yeas old. She was 23 years younger than I. I never dreamed that she would die before I did. She was hospitalized several times in the last months of her life. She died at home next to me, as I swore my eternal loyalty to her.

There will never be another woman in my life. You only find one soul mate in a lifetime I think.

I was lost the first month alone. I am still lonely for her, but I am beginning to function OK again. My wife's mother lived with us for several years here in Cvaca. Although she owns her own home in Mexico (City) outright.

Since Doris was so much younger than I, her mother is only 3 or 4 years older than I am. I love her more like a sister than a suegra. When Doris died, my suegra had to return to Mexico (City) for possible eye surgery, so I have been without any human company for most of 5 months now. It's the pits.

My adult sons and daughters from a previous marriage all think I should return to The United States. I know they all loved her too. I feel that if I leave the country where Doris was born and raised and the city that we both loved, I will be abandoning her. I will stay here for at least a few years, it will probably be the rest of my life. I have now become a member of her Mexican family too.

Thanks again for your nice thoughts, Rex
"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved" - Victor Hugo


Aug 7, 2011, 6:27 PM

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Re: [raferguson] need information on living in Cuernavaca

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I just checked the free classified site and they have over 700 houses and apartments for rent at this time in Cuernavaca. This is the site where we found a house to rent in Puebla. We flew down to check it , signed the papers, and flew home to finish packing. We did have to put down a large 2 months rent) deposit but those in the know here said it was to be expected. We love our house, neighborhood, neighbors and live only 4 blocks from the newest IMSS hospital in the city. With the internet, we could almost take a virtual tour of the home before we actually bought our plane tickets. We just signed the lease for our second year. Good luck.
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