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Jul 21, 2011, 4:47 PM

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waterspout in Ajijic

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My husband and I have lived in Jocotepec for more than 40 years, and we can't decide if we are more disgusted with JohninAjijic for thinking it rains the same from Joco to Chapala, or Steve for closing down his really great weather site apparently because someone so ignorant criticizes him. We have had rain gauges on and off for many years, and judging from reports from various areas up and down the north side of the lake, Joco usually gets from half to two-thirds of the rainfall for Chapala and Ajijic. The Reporter used to have a guy in Ajijic that gave rainfall figures many years ago (I don't know where they get their figures now), and recently we have Steve in Riberas. It has been our experience that San Juan Cosala gets the most of all, probably a configuration of the mountains there, followed by Ajijic. Joco doesn't even get as much rain as Roca Azul, and Roca Azul doesn't get as much as San Pedro. During the several years that we had friends with a rain gauge living down by the road out to Highway 15, and other friends with one living 2 steep blocks above us in Joco (we are on the street above the municipal market), we realized that it rained more the further up the mountain behind Joco you went. We got more than the road out to Highway 15, and our friends up the mountain got sometimes as much as 1/4 inch more than we did. Steve's figures have borne out that Riberas gets on the whole 1/3 to twice as much as Joco where we live. All you have to do is drive occasionally from Chapala to Joco in the rainy season to experience this, with showers, downpours, and dry places on the road when there are producing rain clouds around. A pox on JohninAjijic if he was really the reason Steve shut down. Ovaltine


Jul 21, 2011, 6:42 PM

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Re: [Ovaltine] waterspout in Ajijic

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Apparently John had 4 inches at his home. I to live in upper West Ajijic, appreciably higher up than John, but not as far west. I only had 1.43 inches yet a neighbor, David who lives about a block further west, had about 2.5 inches. At Steve's weather station they even had less.

It's always that way. You know, the weather changes almost by the block. I thought everyone understood that :) That's what's so cool about the weather here. It's a real adventure. I sure hope that Steve comes back. I greatly appreciated his great site


Jul 21, 2011, 7:20 PM

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Re: [johanson] waterspout in Ajijic

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The weather differences exist everywhere and that is a fact. Where we are, we were stuck on .19 inches of moisture since the first of the year (if you can imagine that). Just last night, we finally received our first actual downpour of our so-called "monsoon season". At our house, it was certainly over one inch without scientific measuring devices but at our official weather station at the airport, they only registered .11 inches.

With the possible exception of the Pacific Northwest of the US and Canada, I think we can agree that it has been an abnormal year for weather in many parts of the world! Was Al Gore right about climate change or as the current buzz phrase defines it "global warming"? Who knows? Strange times we live in!
Albuquerque, NM


Jul 21, 2011, 9:24 PM

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Re: [johanson] waterspout in Ajijic

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We were eating breakfast a 9:45 yesterday AM and saw the funnel cloud. Then the skies opened up with torrential rain. Little did we know that it hit above Los Arroyos in the mountains and dumped 4 inches of rain in an hour. I received a call at 10:45 AM from my neighbor up the street about the water rushing down the Arroyo over 3 feet deep thru a 3 - 4 foot culvert.

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Jul 26, 2011, 6:27 PM

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Re: [johninajijic] waterspout in Ajijic

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i have heard the rummor that waterspout will form over the lake during hard rains and lift away with some water..... eventually it looses its strenght and dump the water where it stops being a water spout..
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