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Nov 6, 2002, 6:44 AM

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Am I missing something?

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Regarding this new format, the one thing I miss most, and haven't been able to find is that on the old board, once I had read a message, it was marked. I could then skim through the board passing by everything that I had read and reading only the new items that I found interesting. I can no longer do that. I find an interesting item, I click on it, and discover that I have already read it. Am I doing something wrong? Can anybody help me here?

And yes, I too am finding that we no longer have the posts we used to have. Where has everybody gone? Adios. Jerezano.

jennifer rose

Nov 6, 2002, 6:52 AM

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Re: [jerezano] Am I missing something?

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Look at the little icon – which should appear in yellow – to the left. That should indicate whether you’ve read the post or not.

All the posters have been busy pestering David McCl over at the Practice & Help arena. Whoops, I meant to say “practicing with David.”


Nov 6, 2002, 7:17 AM

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Is this really that hard?

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I think the new forum's learning curve is pretty low - about 15 minutes. I'm not really sure what all the hullabaloo is about.


Nov 6, 2002, 7:19 AM

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What yellow icon?

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Hello Jennifer and México lovers,

This morning every icon to the extreme left is without color. There are no yellow icons. And no, I have not read every post on the board.

Yesterday, there were yellow icons. However, the posts I had read were also yellow. Somewhere along the way I had picked up the idea that the yellow icons indicated more or less new postings.

Anyway, today, the icon colors are not working the way you suggest they should. I will watch over the next week. And I do hope the Dave can get this board whipped into shape soon. Adios. Jerezano.

jennifer rose

Nov 6, 2002, 7:26 AM

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Re: [jerezano] What yellow icon?

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Go home. Come back. Hit refresh/reload. That should do the trick.

Or you could clean your monitor. <g>


Nov 6, 2002, 8:30 AM

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Re: [jenniferrose] What yellow icon?

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In addition to jjr's suggestiopns (my fav. is cleaning the monitor screen - did that - what a differnce!)
1: If you don't log in, all the folders to the left stay grey.
2. When you log in, the system knows who you are and what you have read.
3. While you may have read a posting (was yellow, now grey), if someone posts a response, 2 things happen:
- the new posting is all yellow folder, the "parent" postings will all have a grey/yellow behind folder to show that there is a new response below.

Help some?
David McL
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