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Lavanda la Declamadora

Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM

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Not only on this board, but on other cooking/food boards, there is this
controversy about what IS authentic
Mexican ( or Asian, french, etc etc etc,
ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

I am just as concerned with authenticity
as anyone, but have found it very difficult
to define. I asked the question on this forum,
and haent gotten any definitive answers, and
thos who grumble most havent even BOTHERED to
respond at all.

Authentic is a very personable, objective term,
and has a lot to do with what each of us likes,
taste-wise, where we greew up or have lived,
what our Moms cooked for us, availability f ingredients, and on and on.

Not everything I post here is "authentic" to me,
but nevertheless comes out tasting well, or is
what someone has requested of the forum.

So, if you think something is NOT authentic,
please post your different, hopefully "better"
version. or if you dont have a version, try
varying one of the recipes to suirt your own

Then share with us!

I am BY NO MEANS the high priestess of Authentic Mexican Food.

I am, however, blessed to hsve traveled widely,
tssted, paid attention, asked questions, kept
notes, , and now that I am retired at age 48,
read, read, read & research, reseaarch, research.

Love, Lavanda

Candice Vazquez

Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM

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Hi Lavanda and all!

Interesting post, I am a Mexican American living in Chicago and I guess "authentic" is purely subjective...maybe...I don't know. Funny that you pose this question because today I attended a cooking demonstration on Mexican food. What was prepared was completely unrecognizable to me. I was thinking to myself "if this is what people really think Mexican food is then it's no wonder Mexican food gets such a bad rap." All I know is that I know "authentic" when I taste it. I've never been to Mexico, but there are almost a million Mexicans here in Illinois. I've been to dozens and dozens of restaurants in my 31 years and dozens and dozens of Mexican homes. When the food is good it's varied. Everyone has their own recipe for one dish, but still it's authentic. What's upsetting to me as a Mexican is watching some of these T.V. chefs arrogantly prepare Mexican food and add or remove key ingredients as if they're improving upon Mexican food.


Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM

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Hey Folks,
I haven't checked in in a while, but I agree with Candice, it is a very interesting post and a thorny issue. I am American (whatever that means - part native american, French-Canadian, and Welsh background!) but have a large number of Hispanic friends - Mexican and otherwise. I also love to cook. A few lines up from this post is a discussion of Pollo con crema and rajas con crema. I have tasted and cooked rajas (they are a staple in my kitchen) and have made them "con crema". The other day I had a craving only to find I had no pablanos and no large onions. Instead I toasted and soaked anchos, tore them up, carmelized some boiling onions in a bit of lard and stirred them in with crema agria and the torn anchos. Was this authentic? I don't know. I only know that my compadre's wife Maricela begged me for the recipe! I think authenticity is when you have acheived a deep sense of respect for a cuisine - including an indepth knowledge of the culture from which it comes. After that, we all adapt according to what we have on hand in the kitchen. I am still learning, and I have a long way to go with the culture, but I am getting there!

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