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Feb 22, 2011, 11:26 AM

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South Dakota registration & car insurance

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I've read many of the posts re: registering our vehicles in South Dakota and have a question. We are retired and live full time in Baja, drive sometimes in the U.S. and have a U.S. PO Box in California where we receive mail. We have Mexican car insurance while driving in Mexico and currently have 21st Century for U.S. driving (using the address of a relative in California). Like many others, we'd prefer to register our vehicles in South Dakota rather than California because of the lower annual fees. The problem is, how do we get car insurance? So far, every company I've contacted say they will only insure a vehicle in the state in which the vehicle resides 50% of the time, but since we do not reside in the U.S. how do we get insurance? I believe it's important that the registration matches the information held by the insurance company because they could void the insurance for false statements. Anyone have advice for us?


Feb 22, 2011, 11:43 AM

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Re: [Linda Izuel] South Dakota registration & car insurance

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Read here:;#159731

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Feb 26, 2011, 1:50 PM

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Re: [bournemouth] South Dakota registration & car insurance

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I am unable to locate anything on the SeguroGringo website, for which you provided a link, that provides a way for US citizens to purchase temporary vehicle insurance valid in the USA for vehicles with license plates from states other than California.

Is that your understanding of their service/coverage?

Linda Izuel is a US citizen living in Baja California with a vehicle with California license plates, who asks about getting South Dakota registration and license plates, but wonders where she could buy insurance once the car was registered in SD. You referred her to this company, but I do not see that they sell insurance, except as described above, for US vehicles other than with California registration and license plates.

The SeguroGringo website does have a "Foreigns" button, which when clicked, offers three further options: one for cars and trucks with "foreign" or South American plates, one for vehicles and trucks with California plates, and a third one for cars and trucks with "USA/Canada" plates. But the third option takes you to the same place the second option takes you, namely the California option.

I cannot find anything on this website that indicates an offering of short-term (temporary) auto or truck insurance for non-Mexican citizens driving vehicles with registration and license plates from any of the other 49 USA states.

I have been trying to find such insurance for four years now and have not yet found any. There are some that come close but when you press them for definitions of some of the terminology in their ads and policies, it invariably leads the reasonably careful person to conclude that the insurance is probably not right for him/her.

A major part of the confusion comes from use of the word "resident" on this and other insurance websites, and on actual policies. When Mexicans say/write "resident" they really mean "citizen." I consider myself a full-time, year round resident in Mexico, and a non-resident of the USA. I am, technically, a non-resident of every country in the world except Mexico. But these policies are meant for citizens of Mexico, who reside in Mexico, so they refer to such people as "residents" of Mexico.

Insurance policies we can buy around here (Sonora) clearly state they are intended for "residents" of Mexico. But in big red letters it also says, "US citizens are excluded." Nevertheless, the sales agents happily sell me the insurance, put my Mexican driver's license information into the policy, take my money. They feel that because I have an FM2 visa, a Mexican DL, can produce evidence of living here, own a house, etc. that I am a "resident." But I bet if I ever had a claim I would be denied, because the policy clearly states it is not valid for citizens of the USA. I don't buy these policies here anymore now that I actually have read what it says on the policy.

The only solution I have found for me is to maintain full time insurance for my US registered/plated vehicle both in Mexico, with a Mexican insurance company, and in the USA, with an American insurance company, simultaneously. Fortunately, I have a legal US domicile, so a physical address for the US policy is not a problem for me. Without that, I think I would be like this poster, and I think the correct answer to her is that there is no answer. If there is, she and I would both like to hear/see it.


Feb 26, 2011, 2:40 PM

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Re: [Ustlach] South Dakota registration & car insurance

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"I think the correct answer to her is that there is no answer."

I came to the same conclusion. I hope someone can convince us we are wrong.

Rolly Pirate


Feb 26, 2011, 3:32 PM

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Re: [bournemouth] South Dakota registration & car insurance

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I see what you mean Ustlach - when you click on the website, the only choice that comes up is for California plated cars. However, I think that is a glitch in the website. The company is based in Texas and writes policies for people in the Chapala area who need short term US insurance. I would suggest you contact them to see if, in fact, things have changed. There has been no talk in this area about Seguro Gringo being unable to write policies for other US states plated vehicles.
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