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Feb 7, 2011, 6:18 AM

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Hola friends - Living in SMA Now!

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I haven't posted in a long's been a busy year. I took the leap and have now moved to San Miguel de Allende.

Not knowing much Spanish (working on that), it seemed a logical place to start, and it got me out of Chicago right before the recent snow! Oh what a shame to miss that. HA.

I'm happy, ALMOST completely unpacked, and feeling very tired but what this is I think is that I'm finally unwinding. After spending many many weeks packing.....the truck (I used Golden Bear movers, who did the menaje de casa as well), picked up my boxes in Chicago on Dec 18. I wound up staying there to sell furniture, my CAR, etc etc till I finally came down Jan 14. My small furniture items that I brought, all of my paintings and boxes arrived a few days later, safe and sound (phew) with no damage. (note: I spent extra money to have a well known chicago company pack my artwork and art glass - well spent I think, some canvases were very large and not one single dent).

What to sell/what to keep - that was the hard part, but in the end I kept things that were meaningful or that I just plain wanted. My mover said after I was about half way packed that there was no one else on my truck, and that I could bring anything extra that I wanted with no additional cost. For example, I was having trouble selling 4 (knoll) mies van der rohe chairs, which I loved, so I decided to bring two and sell two, the pair sold fast, so that worked well. I'm happy I kept a few modern pieces. They mix in well. I guess if you are able to do this, just go ahead and keep things you really love. (I came down in October before the move - my apartment was empty and I stayed for a few weeks to start setting it up with consignment store finds, (really great ones!!).....and measured every inch of it so I knew what would fit from what I already owned. I also did bring down some carpets, this worked out great too.

Anyway I'm unwinding now as I said, tired from all of the moving and packing, unpacking, and getting used to the altitude, but I think the "unwinding" is really getting rid of big city stress. It seems to start to sort of roll off little by little. Plus having a working vonage phone with my OLD phone number helped, except that I get calls now asking me to vote in the upcoming chicago elections:-)))

Cheers, hi to anyone I've talked to here before (hope you are well and happy)... and those who are thinking of doing this.

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