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Dec 25, 2010, 9:49 AM

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For all of you photogs out there who might be considering a hosting site for your photos, I would recommend being very careful in choosing YAHOO Flickr. I was a Pro Account member for two years and had approx. 6000 photos hosted on there. Back in early December, I went on to pay my $24.95 fee for the upcoming year. I submitted payment using an AMERICAN EXPRESS card and Yahoo kept rejecting payment with a message stating that I was entering something wrong. I tried 8 times and kept getting the same message. I then received a phone call from the Security Dept. at AMEX concerning suspicious activity since they had issued 8 approval codes for $24.95. Won't go into all of the nitty gritty details but both through email communication and phone calls with the misnamed "Billing Customer Service Dept.", Yahoo refused to admit it was their problem and always blamed either myself or AMEX. They refused to take any remedy action and cut my account back to the standard account allowing only 200 of my 6000 photos. Having invested a great deal of time maintaining this account - it goes without saying that I was ticked! I filed complaints with AMEX for Yahoo violating their merchant agreement and with the Better Business Bureau.

Meanwhile, I had to find a new site to host my photos and picked PICASA. After investing many hours rebuilding everything on PICASA, I deleted all my photos from Flickr, 200 at a time since that is all they would allow me access to. Actually, I found a few features in PICASA that I liked better and am now a happy camper.

Meanwhile, after completing all of this juggling and reorganization, I received a communication from Yahoo from an upper level manager. What a surprise that she was only responding because of the BBB complaint! She started by offering 3 months free and then upped the offer to 1 year. Too little too late as I wasn't going to invest the time to upload my photos once again! I had concluded never to business with Yahoo ever again.

An irony to this story is that we made the decision to build and fire up a website and Yahoo was never considered! So they not only lost the $24.95 that I was trying to pay but they could have been realizing the additional income from our website.

There are a number of photo hosting sites out there and I would recommend being very careful where you choose to invest the time.
Albuquerque, NM

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