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Aug 5, 2010, 8:28 AM

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Real Estate Developers Fraud on the Baja in San Felipe

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Unfortunately it is NOT all wine and roses in the Real Estate Industry in San Felipe.

Many, YES, many Developers have taken money from customers and have NOT delivered on their veiled
Literature and Internet promises of Fedicomiso's, Built to USA Codes, (LOL),and Full Infrastructures.

Some houses have not even been started , others are just a shell , some are finished with NO Infrastructure
to the development. NO City Electricity, NO City Water Supply, No Sewage Disposal Systems and of course no
paved roads.
At this time there are approximately 17 Campo's/ Developments with some kind of problems.
There are approximately 175 Homeowners that are involved (probably many more.)

The equivalent of "Consumer Affairs" in Mexico is PROFECO. This is a FEDERAL Government Department.
The head of Profeco in Mexicali is Lic Carlos Guillen.

Now that Profeco knows that there is a huge problem down in San Felipe they have been down here several
times to have meetings with the Homeowners.(At tourism office.)
They tell us at each meeting what they are going to do BUT , after 3 months now (May June July.) nothing
has really been accomplished. SO No Mas Meetings.!!!!
When PROFECO gets a documented complaint from a homeowner about a Developer they (Profeco.)
are supposed to do a Verification on that Developer, within 45 days !!!

2 Verifications were done. One at Vista Bella and one at San Felipe Marina.
Now apparently some paperwork has gone missing ????
We have contacted Profeco in Mexico City but they say they can do little because we are not in their area
(Yeh Rite.)

We are attempting to set up a San Felipe Development Association so that we can have a "multiple voice"
to try to combat these less than truthful Developers.!!!

These Developers in San Felipe have no fear.!!! Nothing has EVER been done against any of them so why
should they worry .
Some Homeowners from Las Magdalenas Homes and Resorts took their Developer (Grupo Munoz Lira.)to court .
They ALL won their cases in Supreme Court, and are trying to find assets etc etc.??????

Buyer's Beware .


Aug 6, 2010, 12:25 PM

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Re: [johnboy1946] Real Estate Developers Fraud on the Baja in San Felipe

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Promises made promises not kept.
We decided to move to San Felipe Mexico after going to a fair in Yuba city.
After problems with the first 2 developments. We bought at Las Magdalenas Home and Resort.
We gave Ildefonso Munoz(Grupo Munoz Lira.) a 20% down payment for a home and lot. The house was to have been built and finished in April 2006. This development was to have all the utitilies,paved roads, pools and Built to U.S Building codes.
When our house was not even started Mr. Ildefonso Munoz provided us with a home free of charge until ours was done.
This is where the nightmare begins.
We saw that the homes he was building was not built to US code. As of 8/06/10 all we have is sand.
Three couples includinig us hired a lawyer to get our houses built or money back. At this time, he had guards with guns who threaten our lawyer and the lady from the court when they tried to serve Mr. Munoz.
All 3 couples won all the way to the supreme court. What did we win. As of yet, nothing. we cannot even find out the status our Criminal cases .
When The Civil Case went our way and not Mr. Munoz. He threaten our lives to where our lawyer told us to switch cars and move to a safe house.
When we moved from the Model home we were given 1 week, during that week two of Munoz's employees came in while we were gone and destroyed our property. They ended up in jail and Mr. Munoz is free to walk around and continue messing with people's live's.
We finally moved back to the States to retire.
Now Profeco is involved and I hope they will do something.As of yet, nothing is being done.
We have followed all the regulations and rules of Mexico. Getting an Fm3 and paying property tax.
Went through the Judicial System with no luck even though we won.
Found out the hard way, You are guilty until proven innocent.
Until the laws are changed my advice is
Go to San Felipe it is beautiful and rent a place
Enjoy it
But bring your brains with you and leave your checkbook behind
and remember if it is too good to be true it is


Aug 7, 2010, 10:09 AM

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Re: [bajagone] Real Estate Developers Fraud on the Baja in San Felipe

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Amigo, There is a reason that the San Felipe area is known as the "arm pit" of Mexico....
Rincon de Guayabitos,Nayarit
San Mateo, California
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