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Jul 30, 2010, 5:53 PM

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More Scams / Pick pocket at Walmart

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Well a friend of mine visiting from the US almost fell victim to being robbed at Walmart by gallerias today. I warned her about pick pockets and scams before she went but I guess it slipped her mind.

A man asked her a question about a product and she told him she did not speak Spanish than another man showed up to “help translate” while a woman went for the wallet in the purse (yes in the cart). She saw the woman out of the corner of her eye and chased her out of the store. Walmart security was of NO help and could not have cared less. Halfway thru the parking lot she remembered her child she left in the store and when running back in. Her 8 year old had been hit in the face by one of the male distracters. Walmart was of no help.

Guadalajara Reporter has a new article about the crime spree at area supermarkets

Distracting one’s target is the principal gambit used by scam artists and pickpockets working the aisles of Guadalajara supermarkets. Longtime resident Rosemary Woodruff was well aware of the potential dangers as she checked out fridges in Chedraui at the beginning of July.
Unfortunately, she fell victim to a virtual copycat scam that occurred almost exactly six months earlier when she shopped with a friend at Superama, next to Plaza Andares.


Jul 31, 2010, 6:25 PM

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Re: [Casa] More Scams / Pick pocket at Walmart

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what a horrible story.... they hit an 8 year old in the face!!!! i wish i would have been there to smash a bottle on that persons head... and walked away like the thiefs....

we read these stories like pick pockets, mustard bandits, gas attendand 500 peso bill switched to 50 peso.. and in reality it can happen to anyone of us. be carefull when someone tries to ask for something in a store... simply say no gracias and walk away.

i use to think how stupid can someone be to get scamed at the pemex with the 500 peso scam... untill it happened to me and then i felt really stupid.. so now i simply have 200 peso bills for gas purchases..... or 100 pesos wich is the best way to pay for the gas.


Aug 3, 2010, 9:52 PM

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Re: [mexliving] More Scams / Pick pocket at Walmart

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When I have to use a 500 peso note at the Pemex, I try to remember to ask the attendant if they have change for a 500 and hold it up. They always say yes, and have at that point acknowledged that you have a 500. But we do as the last poster, and pay by exact change in 100 and 200s as often as possible.
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