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Dec 28, 2009, 2:00 PM

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McAllen and Reynosa

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I am thinking about relocating to McAllen, Texas so that I can travel into Mexico, through Veracruz and into Chiapas to visit my boyfriend. It seems (from my job searches) that there is a lot of work in McAllen, but I am wondering how safe the area is, on either side of the border, as far as drugs and violence are concerned. I have been researching to find out as much as I can, but would appreciate any first hand information.

From everything I've read on Mex connect, I don't think I would want to drive my truck into Mexico alone, with US plates.
And I would like to keep it as simple as possible (not having to deal with permits, possible breakdowns, cost of gas, etc). I would probably check into taking a bus if I wanted to go visit him.

He went back to Mexico in Nov, and I came back to NJ. My plan is to work, pay off my truck and save some money so I can go to Mexico. But if the McAllen plan is a possibility, I might think more on it.


Jan 28, 2010, 6:03 PM

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Re: [Maritsa] McAllen and Reynosa

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Hi Maritsa, I've read that you can take a bus into Mexico from McAllen's bus station. No need to cross border first to catch a bus. When I lived in McAllen in the mid-90's I thought it was fairly safe. The area has grown both in population and commercial development since I was there. There are now 2 Barnes & Noble bookstores for example, none when I lived there. Due to all the winter tourists locals are very accepting and friendly. The snowbirds are a huge part of the economy. If you are concerned about being alone in a house you might consider RV living. RV parks are everywhere, and many are very nice, have fulltime security plus plenty of activities. Unless you are actively involved in the drug trade you are highly unlikely to ever be affected by it in McAllen. Good luck!


Mar 25, 2010, 11:25 AM

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Re: [Maritsa] McAllen and Reynosa

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Sorry that I just found your posting.

My Husband and I live in Pharr, Texas ( right by McAllen) in a 55+ Mobile Home Community. We feel very safe as long as we live a Senior type life, no bars/real late nightlife/drugs/etc. Our park is gated and we seem to have less trouble than parks that are not ( petty crimes). I really don't know what it would be like to live in an apartment here. There are a lot of places with bars on the windows. I know our car Insurance went up when we moved here from Dallas, due to more car thefts. We put "THe Club" on our steering wheel most of the time, to help deter that. We don't have a new large SUV or truck, that is what they steal most.

It is a very inexpensive area to live in and I understand that the jobs situation is good here. I don't think they pay a lot of money and my guess would be that you would need to be Bilingual. Some of the people in the stores, WAlmart included DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. To me that is surprising. I have a very basic spanish vocabulary and get by with sounds and hand signals.

Yes, you can take a Long Distance Bus from this side, into Mexico. We only cross over when we have to, to go to the Dentist and the Pharmacy in Nuevo Progresso. We would NOT go to Reynosa or Matamoras at this time as it is very dangerous.
There are gunfights on the News several days a week in Reynosa and up/down the Border. I suppose that the Bus would be the safest way to travel in Mexico at this time.

If you have other questions, ask away. bevcarrizales at


Jun 20, 2010, 5:29 PM

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Re: [Maritsa] McAllen and Reynosa

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Hi there, I drive in Mexico all the time with my US (texas) plates. I just got back from driving to the Yucatan and not one problem. I am 70 years old and drive a small Ranger truck which is old and breaks down on occasion. It is so amazing to me that someone always stops to help and NEVER will take a penny. And they get my truck back on the road. I know there are most likely 5 thousand persons out there who will disagree with me but I have been driving in Mexico, alone, for 35 years.

And will be doing it again in a few months, to Xalapa. Norma
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