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Apr 23, 2010, 2:57 PM

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Lessons and comments regarding our automobile accident.

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Early Tuesday we hit a herd of cows that were wandering on a 4 lane hwy outside of Ciudad Victoria. We were heading north to Reynosa.
We drive a 2008 Honda Fit hatchback which was totaled. Our airbags failed to deploy and our windshield did not disolve but remained as swords of glass,
I have contacted a lawyer regarding our friends at Honda Mexico. For those that worry about travel in Mexico...18 wheelers stopped to render aid as well as direct traffic. We were in a "dead zone" and our cellphone would not send. The drivers radioed for Federales and an ambulance and tow trucks...they refused my offer of dinero...said "we only want to help!" The Federales arrived and let us know that it was not our fault but that a local cattle farmer had done this before and ignored all previous warnings. They placed us in their cruiser...put a loud cd on the radio and then went out and shot the entire remaining cattle. We were taken, by them, to an IMSS hospital where we were asked for our national card, which we had, they treated us inc xrays at no cost. Then onto Federale hdqtrs where the officer called our insurance co....we use "no customer service" Lloyds...their local adjuster took five hours to reach us from a 100km distance away. He was NOT interested in our injuries. When I asked if he could help arrange a trip back home...he said "that is your problem!" How much would we get for our car? He said..."IF we total will be 5 weeks before you get a check..." We have full coverage inc collision) The local agent in Ajijic showed less cocern than if we had broken a shoelace. She sure loved us when we paid for coverage!
I called friends in Jocotopec...our doctor said they would close their office and come to get us...our friends at Driscoll said the same thing...but it was the Federales who stepped in an found and english speaking man to drive us to Joco for a fair price...on the way we were stopped at a Federale checkpoint and the officer asked if we were okay and could he offer any further help...moments after reaching home...our doctor came to our house, with a fruitbasket, treated my wife's cuts, gave us meds and REFUSED any payment. This morning a neighbor called and GAVE us a car for as long as we need it.
Do we love Mexico? We always have. ARE THE PEOPLE HERE, in the main, BETTER than we can hope for? You bet they are! To those that push the negatives...please enjoy your vinegar cocktail and to those afraid to come here...please enjoy your caves.
There are more details and we welcome your questions. So far as a result of comments on another forum...Lloyds has had their attorney apologize and off to speed up the decision regarding our vehicle.


Apr 23, 2010, 6:07 PM

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Re: [gringolandia] Lessons and comments regarding our automobile accident.

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What a refreshing story for the most part. The Mexican people are so helpful and friendly on a human to human basis. Such a drastic difference when there is that corporate veil or government wall between the two of you. Surprising how helpful and friendly the cops were.

Goes to what I always say about insurers, you don't judge them by how they collect the premiums but by how they pay the claims. I hate it when people will give positive referrals for their insurer because their agent is so wonderful but they have never actually had to file a claim.


Apr 23, 2010, 9:32 PM

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Re: [Reefhound] Lessons and comments regarding our automobile accident.

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thanks for posting..... hitting animals on a highway is very dangerous... its like hitting a wall. you guys are very fortunate to have been in a honda... they are built to keep you safe in case of an accident. there is a procedure for your vehicle importation permit.. i am not sure what you must do... but its on the web somewhere.


Apr 26, 2010, 8:26 AM

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Re: [Reefhound] Lessons and comments regarding our automobile accident.

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You are right about insurance company, judge them on their actions. A couple of month ago I missed a curve near Tapachula and found myself hanging over a cliff with the car on its side. Our insurance responded immediately, told the Federales where to send the car. It was 2 am, the claim adjuster came rightaway and Axxa had the car repaired and paid the shop and the tow truck directly. Our agent Jesus Tejeda also followed the situation very closely from Guadalajara.
Last week when we ran into some metal left on the cuota, their insurance also send us to a shop and paid the shop directly..

Nothing good to say good to say about the police both "municipal "or ""transito or the Federales but that is another story. Not thrilled about the behavior of either the shop or the tow truck stole. One of them stole all of the car tools and whatever they found in the car. I found out about it when our tire blew out on the Vera Cruz Highway and we were left without any means to change the tire.
All ended well and we have nothing but´praises about Axxa, Jesus Tejeda our insurance agent , and the Green Angels .
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