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Apr 11, 2010, 11:32 AM

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Den en alta?

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In the context of the registration of telephones, I have seen the idiomatic expression "den en alta". But I am not clear on what that means.

Los telefonos debieron estar dados de alta en el registro o la línea será suspendida.

From the context, I can see that the telephones must be registered, to avoid suspension. But what does dados de alta refer to? Is that kind of like a green light?

I did a little web searching, but did not come up with a clear answer.

Gracias de antemano.




Apr 11, 2010, 12:18 PM

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Re: [raferguson] Den en alta?

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Dar de alta

Basically it means to sign up or register for something like the cell phone registry, or to get set up in the system, like at the gym or with a new job. (or being discharged from the hospital)

There is also Dar de baja. 3 guess what that one means……….

To cancel or unsubscribe or to unregister, (like the military or a job)

More detailed explanation can be found here.

sergiogomez / Moderator

Apr 14, 2010, 12:01 PM

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Re: [raferguson] Den en alta?

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Registered, yes, or cleared, you could say. Apparently the idea is that you text your full name and DOB, or civil registry ID, to the service provider so that if the phone line is ever used for criminal activity, they can track down the person associated with the line.

I say cleared because according to the article below, texting in your info is a lot like e-filing your taxes: sometimes it gets there and sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes they don't let you know if there's been a snafu or not, meaning you might be without cell phone service. Sounds like fun.
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