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Don Gringo

Mar 16, 2010, 6:08 PM

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More Aduana lanes open in Nuevo Laredo

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They have been busy working, and now they are open. More aduana lanes (that means Southbound Customs/Duty... Mexico side for those North of the Border).

Just stay in the far left hand lane when going across Bridge 2, which is the bridge at the Southern end of I-35, and you don't stop... just keep rolling and an additional 5 lanes are there after a quick left turn. My advice would be the far right set of those lanes as exiting traffic must turn right.

Keep in mind these lanes are only for NOTHING TO DECLARE. As an example... I cross almost daily for work, and I perform computer repair. There are times when I have to carry a few boxes of computer parts home to perform work the following morning. They redlight me everytime. So far I have never paid duty because I have packing slips showing no dollar amount assigned to parts.

That being said... don't try and be sneaky. That system they use makes it look like it would be easy to snaek in whatever you want. I suspect it's x-ray with no warning signs, but who knows.
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Mar 17, 2010, 8:33 AM

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Re: [Don Gringo] More Aduana lanes open in Nuevo Laredo

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Interesting, I had suspected they were comparing vehicle curb weight with actual weight. Or using optical scan of license plate to flag cars on a "list". We used to always get greens and now usually get reds. If they are using x-ray and redlighting suspicious cars those guys are way sharper than the airport scanners because we get our red or green in about a second.
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