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Oct 25, 2002, 4:55 PM

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Hints on Time of Posting . . . Simple version

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To have the times of Posting be in your time zone, go to the Edit Profile /Display options and change the time offset by entering your time difference form Pacific TIme.
David McL

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Oct 26, 2002, 8:25 AM

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Re: [davidmcl] Hints on Time of Posting . . .Detailed version

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You have now posted.
And when you returned to the index page, it says that your posting went up at a different time than your local time!

As people access and post to the forums from all over the world, you now have the choice of seeing the time stamp as set by Mexico Connect's server on the wet coast (Pacific Time),
OR, using a Time Stamp based on your local time.

To use your local time:
Click on Edit Profile
Click on Display settings
At the bottom, there is a Time Offset option.
It asks you to enter your time difference from Pacific Time as either + or - hours (except Newfoundland where they deal in half hours)


It isn't asking for Time Zones here, but actual clock hours.
So for me, here in Jalisco, where it is two Time Zones earlier than PT, but two hours later on the clock, I enter +2 .

So when the server says it is 10:00 am, MY time is 12:00 noon. This equals +2 hours. Thus +2 is my time offset.

When you have saved those changes - your postings will show the exact local time (for you )

See. Told you it was simple.
David McL
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