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Dec 14, 2009, 11:47 AM

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I have searched the archives but haven't been able to find any information about the Calakmul Biosfera and ruins.

We live in Guanajuato and are planning an RV trip about the Yucatan Peninsula in February. We are searching for current information about camping, bird watching, ruins, and so on.

Would sure appreciate your assistance.


Dec 14, 2009, 6:53 PM

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Re: [clinn] Calakmul

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This is a fabulous ruin site and well worth your time. There are also other ruins in the area, Balamku, Becan,Chicanna, Xpuil(also the name of the local town) and many other sites. The other sites are difficult to get to but depending on your time and interest are worth seeing. The biosphere is huge and except for the area directly in the Calakmul site looks pretty much like areas that are not in the biosphere. We have seen interesting birds and howler monkeys and there are many other animals in the biosphere but I doubt you would ever see them. Calakmul feels much like the New York of ruin sites , large impressive and imposing. By the way, I live in Yucatan and my hobby is visiting sites so I have seen some pretty impressive Mayan ruins.

It is 60 kilometers from the roadway into Calakmul and the site is very large with a hefty walk from the entrance to first set of ruins. It will take you a long day to see it in fairly close detail(Take a lunch and water). Becan is one of my personal favorite sites and Balamku has one of the most amazing stucco mask scenes that you will ever see. Calakmul also has intering stuff going on but you will have to see the pictures in books and or visit the Campeche Museum in the baluartes of the Main Square to see some of the artifacts found at Calakmul. Don't let the fact that the interior paintings of Calakmul are at this time not open to the public stop you from visiting, the stelae and the actual buildings are very impressive.

Due to the relative out of the way area, this area is not heavily visited and though there are tour busses, you will not experience the crowds or trinket salesmen that you will at Chichen Itza or even Uxmal. There are places to stay in the area, nothing too fancy. If you drive gas up before Xpuil because the gas station there often runs out of gas. Also the local gas station is a haven for flimflam gas scams. Order the peso amount of gas and show the attendant the actual bill you are planning to pay with so later there is no discussion.

I would plan to spend a minimum of two nights in the area and three would be better and might include a trip to Kohunlich in Quintana Roo. There are taxis that will drive you to the sites but we had a truck. The road into Calakmul is not to be driven fast as there are blind curves and rough conditions and the possibility of animals.

Any other specific questions that I can help with, feel free to ask and do go if you at all can.

Hound Dog

Dec 19, 2009, 5:33 PM

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Re: [yucatandreamer] Calakmul

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Well, thanks for that information about Calakmul and the surrounding area Yucatandreamer. We had planned to visit Calakmul a year or so ago but I became ill, and we couldn´t go. This winter, God willing, we´ll drive down to Calakmul from our mountain home in San Cristóbal da Las Casas and visit the ruins and then perhaps we will head over to the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo for some additional fun. Your information on Calakmul will no doubt be quite useful for us in planning our trip.

So far, I, as another Maya ruin and (also) ruined hacienda hobbiest, remember my favorite Maya ruin as Tikal in Guatemala. Tikal is a mind blowing experience. OK! Now I have to rate my ten favorite Maya ruin sites keeping in mind that I am only rating those I have visited so far: (Personal Opinion Only!!!!)

1) Tikal
2) Tulum
3) Coba
4) Uxmal
5) Palenque
6) Toniná
7) Yaxchilan
8) Bonampak
9) Chinkultik
10) Chichen Itza

Now, this was just in fun. I am rating visual esthetics not historic importance. And, I have yet to visit Calakmul. If you don´t like my ratings, give us your own.
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