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Nov 23, 2009, 11:03 AM

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Anywhere good to eat in Manzanillo (or Melaque)?

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We're heading to the beach for a few days this week. We have free accomodations somewhere in Manzanillo.....dunno where exactly.....but it's some kind of condo so I imagine it's on the north end. I think maybe it's near a hotel called Karmina Palace.

We'll have a car so can get anywhere. Any particularly good food in Manzanillo? We like everything from the most basic to a real restaurant. It's about the food.

Also, will be in Melaque for a couple of days so appreciate any food tips there as well.



Nov 24, 2009, 5:30 AM

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Re: [tashby] Anywhere good to eat in Manzanillo (or Melaque)?

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Here is a private response I sent to a guy in Ajijic with a similar question about Manzanillo (I live here full-time):

Here are my recommendations:

Best nice meal: Portofino, in the hotel zone across the street from the 5 de Mayo sports complex. Good food, lots of seafood, a little pricy

Second nice meal: Yakitory, on the beach about 2 blocks before you get to the entrance to Las Brisas behind what used to be Papeleria Costa Alegre. Oriental and good.

Third nice meal: El Vaquero, they have a brand new location across the street from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mexican steakhouse, great food.

Best festive location: La K'Melia, un upscale botanero about 1 block north of the road that goes into Las Hadas on the non water side of the road. They have a band that begins at 4pm. It is a good place to go with a group of people. You drink and they bring you heavy snacks. The beer is 33 pesos, but the food and entertainment are free. To me, this is a do not miss. There are other botaneros, but this is the cream of the crop.

Next best festive location: La Boquita, the beach behind Club Santiago. Go on a weekend when there are lots of locals there. Grab a table, spend the afternoon eating, drinking and watching people.

Best Ribs: El Pastor right next to Juanitos. Only to go service, but they are great. There is chicken as well, but I haven't had the chicken.

Best Chicken: to me is a tie. Rotissiere has to be El Pechugon on the outside of the Commercial Mall. Just past the river in Santiago as you head towards Manzanillo there is Don Mauro (I think) and he does grilled chicken. He also has tables so you can eat there.

Value: Lots of places, Sonrisa for tacos, Lulu's for tacos, tortas at La Casita, tortas at the place next to jardin in Santiago, El Caido carnitas just south of Commercial mall, tacos pescado at the little cart next to where the tianguis set up in Santiago. Tacos Julio next to Soriana.

Pizza: (I know you said no italian) Va q'Vi to the south from Soriana, Sam's Pizzeria at the traffic light across from the cemetary in Santiago.

Breakfast: Don't pass up Juanito's in Santiago. Good value. Also El Caballito about 2 blocks south of Soriana.

Lots of places. Let me know if that isn't enough. When will you be here?



Nov 24, 2009, 8:10 AM

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Re: [santiagostan] Anywhere good to eat in Manzanillo (or Melaque)?

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Wow! This is fantastic! I certainly wasn't expecting this level of information. Thank you. I'm printing out two copies right to take with us and one for the permanent file. This list makes it worth getting my hands on a decent map. Much appreciated.

We're driving down tomorrow. Plan to spend a couple of nights in Melaque, then Friday and Saturday night in Manzanillo. (Fiestas Patronales is underway we're going to trade the sounds of crashing cohettes and Banda for the sound of crashing waves.)

Manuel Dexterity

Nov 24, 2009, 8:56 AM

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Re: [tashby] Anywhere good to eat in Manzanillo (or Melaque)?

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The best place for breakfast in Melaque is actually in Barra de Navidad. Restaurant Bananas is on the 2nd floor of the Hotel Barra de Navidad. It is on the beach and has a great view and excellent food and service.


Nov 24, 2009, 3:02 PM

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Re: [Manuel Dexterity] Anywhere good to eat in Manzanillo (or Melaque)?

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Thanks for that, as well. I don't usually consider breakfast a destination meal.....but when I can walk the entire way along a beach, why not? And actually, a big breakfast serves me well at the beach since I can't eat much during the heat of day. Perfect. Thanks for the reminder.


Dec 30, 2009, 9:18 AM

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Re: [tashby] Anywhere good to eat in Manzanillo (or Melaque)?

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For Melaque get in touch with Sparks who either lives there or in San Patricio. To me, the best restaurant used
to be in Barra de Navidad, just a few km closer to Manzanillo. It was called the Palapa but burned down and was
replaced by Raymundo's? Ramón's? Chef from Sheraton in Guadalajara with fabulous cooking and very good service. We
dropped in one day and wanted fresh oysters on the half shell (not on the menu) to start the meal and lo and behold, a boy on a
bicycle went tearing off and returned before we could finish a beer with the fresh oysters. Can you beat service like that? One year we ate Christmas
Eve dinner there, turkey and all the trimmings, and then Christmas day roast pork with all it's trimmings. Chef was
really proud of his kitchen and gave us a tour before the Christmas Eve meal. That was about 4 years ago. Not too expensive.Another
good meal was eaten in the Grand Bay hotel dining room. Permission required as it is American Plan. Expensive.

But get in touch with Sparks by all means.

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