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Hound Dog

Nov 17, 2009, 12:46 PM

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Tha New Ajijic Malecon

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When we returned to Ajijic after a few months in Chiapas, I initially hated to see this huge concrete and brick malecon that had taken the place of the old Ajijic lakefront park adjacent to the pier but now that I have been walking that malecon almost daily I have begun to thoroughly enjoy it even in its unfinished state. This is especially true now that the migratory birds that bless the shores of Lake Chapala in the fall/winter have returned and the place is an ornithologists (of which Dawg ain´t one) dream as egrets and large white pelicans and ducks and whatever line up in front of the malecon and points west seeking and often finding breakfast and what a delight it is to watch them as I stroll that area in the morning with my xoloitzquintli baby who finds these birds equally fascinatiing and the main thing that amazes me is that I normally have this enormous malecon more or less to myself. What better nature study than right here at Mexico´s largest natural (or unnatural for that matter) lake and I have this endlessly interesting natural habitat just about all to myself free-of-charge and sitting on my exclusive bench overlooking the inland sea charming in the infracted fall light and churned up by October and November breezes and I wish to thank the Chapala municipal government for this windfall. Just think; I could have spent a fortune buying lakefront property and yáll bought it for me.

Quite seriously, though; don´t miss this great show while it is about. Ain´t the same in the summer.

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Nov 17, 2009, 4:08 PM

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Re: [Hound Dog] Tha New Ajijic Malecon

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And what about the Lake level, Dawg.... is it still lapping at the edge of the park here at the end of the rainy season?


Nov 17, 2009, 6:57 PM

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Re: [RickS] Tha New Ajijic Malecon

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Yes, despite a poor rainy season, the lake is still lapping at the edge of the park and is looking good. The work crews are out in full force removing lirio and, at least for now, the lake is virtually lirio free at the Ajijic malecon. Those who weren´t here prior to 2003 cannot imagine how far the lake had receded and it´s a real pleasure to see the lake recover - at least for now. These things are cyclical as you know so there is no doubt in my mind that it will recede again over the next decade but for now it is a real pleasure to walk along the beach most days. I simply cannot understand why this great community asset is not a central part of life here among foreign retirees who, unlike many locals, have the time to enjoy this lake up close during these splendid fall days. In San Cristóbal centro we have no such beautiful natural asset; only severely polluted, sewage and garbage-filled slimy green stinking rivers and streams. That city has its myriad charms but clean water is not among them. We have to come back here for that pleasure where the water may be contaminated by agricultural and industrial effluent and untreated sewage from communities adjacent to the lake and upstream but you don´t have to wear a gas mask to approach the waterfront.

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