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Nov 4, 2009, 10:55 AM

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Mariachi calling cards, anyone used them?

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I need a calling card for one day only, while I am traveling from Canada to Phoenix to Alamos Sonora. I want to be able to call from Phx to Alamos, or from somewhere along the way IN Mexico (while on the bus) to Alamos to alert my people there of any changes to my arrival plans etc..... So I need a card that allows Mexico TO Mexico calls + Phx to Mexico calls. Your experiences would be most helpful. Note that I started this conversation under "Telcel Sim Cards but felt it would attract more attention in its own thread. Hope I'm not breaking any rules?

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Kimpatsu Hekigan

Nov 4, 2009, 3:08 PM

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Re: MCI calling card for use in US, Canada and Mexico

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If I were you, I would buy an MCI Calling Card. You can get one online, or at big box stores like WalMart. The card will work for international calls from/to the US, of course, but also from/to Canada and from/to Mexico. Click on this link for more info:

MCI International Calling

The toll-free access numbers are:
From Canada: 1-800-888-8000
From Mexico: 001-800-674-7000 (it will ask in Spanish for a country code; enter "20")
From USA: varies (you'll get the correct number when you buy the card)

The problem in Mexico is that, since Mexican pay phones do not accept coins, you will also need to buy at least a minimum denomination (MX$30) Ladatel card just to get a dial tone to dial the access number for the MCI Calling Card. When you pick up the receiver on a pay phone, it will say (in Spanish) on the little display screen: "Insert your card." Nothing will happen until you do. I don't think these Ladatel cards are available outside Mexico, but inside Mexico, they are sold at every little tienda and convenience store (like OXXO), and I'm sure at kiosks in bus terminals.

If you're in a jam and in Mexico and you need to call another number in Mexico (and your Spanish is good enough), I wouldn't hesitate to approach anyone with a cell phone and offer to pay them generously (in advance) to use their phone to make the call. Long-distance calls via Telcel, for example, are not that expensive, and it might be cheaper and less hassle than buying a Ladatel card that you would never use again.

Good luck,

-- K.H.

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Nov 4, 2009, 7:16 PM

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Re: [kimpatsu_hekigan] MCI calling card for use in US, Canada and Mexico

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Thanks KH... I just went to the MCI web site using the link you gave me & I got a security error (see att). I tried going direct, w/o the link, but same thing happened. I couldn't even find out how much they cost? It wasn't clear from what I read that I could call Mexico to Mexico, if necessary?

I think your suggestion of asking to use someone's cell phone, if I have to make a call (I'm hoping not), is a good idea.... I will have my cell phone along, all charged & ready to go. That way, if I see a Telcel shop along the way in Mexico, I can perhaps make a quick dash to get one? Maybe at the border? I could send someone to get me one while I do the immigration thing? Of course, by this time, I will know if I have to make a call or not.. My chief concern is missing the 4pm bus because my flight is late, or something. If I make it to the 4pm bus, all my worries are over LOL If I miss the bus, I will want to make a call from Phx to Alamos to let my landlady know I won't be on the 6am arrival..

Thanks for your help

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