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Aug 4, 2009, 6:26 PM

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Emergency Medical

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I'm sure this one gets rehashed pretty often, but who offers a sensible emergency medical insurance policy in
My wife and I (early 60's) spend 6 months in the country, and have relied on 'Medjet Assist' emergency
air evac. service for several years. For minor stuff, we pay as we go, but if a big disaster hits, it would be
comforting to know that some mega hospital in Guadalajara will not be hitting us for a zillion dollar bit of surgery.
Not looking for anything exotic, just coverage for major emergencies. Even a large deductable would not
be a concern.
What are folks using ?


Aug 4, 2009, 6:59 PM

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Re: [Scottm] Emergency Medical

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This one is not so easy. It's hard to find private insurance once you are 65 - I think that one company may extend the age limit to 69. We have an annual policy with AXA, with a high deductible (30,000 pesos) per event, not per year. We are both 68 and this year our premium was just over 25,000 pesos each. Private insurance works somewhat like IMSS, in that not everything is covered until you've been insured for three years. I think that finding a policy for 6 months of each year might be very difficult.


Aug 4, 2009, 8:25 PM

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Re: [Scottm] Emergency Medical

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My Federal Employees Health Benefits plan covers me here in Mexico as it wold in the US, however there are no "preferred providers" here that I know of. I have not used it though, the deductibles far exceed the costs here. For a catastrophic type of emergency the hospitals here would probably assist in recovering costs from the insurance provider. That probably just depends on the hospital. But even the most severe cases are bound to be a whol lot cheaper here.

Someone I spoke to had an occasion to use their US health plan. They had to go through their provider for authorization but had no problem with that. They were told by their provider that given the costs here they were delighted to authorize all services done in Mexico. It was nothing so severe to be sent back to the US for the services. The hospital was going to work with the billing so as to minimize their deductibles, accept the insurance providers' reimbursement, and waive as much as possible the balance. I can't give more details, it's just what was told to me from someone else's experience.

A word more on pay-as-you-go; my trip to Cruz Roja to get cleaned-up, stitched, and tetanus shot after a dog attack cost $35 pesos for the emergency room treatment and about another $100 pesos for the medicines and supplies - about $13 US around three years ago.
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