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Apr 30, 2009, 11:26 AM

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Trip to Maz' cancelled

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I'm sad to say that we have canceled our flight to Mazatlan tomorrow morning because of the h1-n1 flu. Too much uncertainty and pressure from our family. I think that the media has blown it way out of proportion. My heart goes out to the people of Mexico who will be hit hard by this crisis. Perhaps it will all be short lived and their lives will soon be back to normal.

What is happening in Maz? Any confirmed flu cases? Are things shut down?

Marlene / Moderator

May 1, 2009, 12:19 PM

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Re: [pez222] Trip to Maz' cancelled

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Our local authorities are taking many precautions, as recommended across Mexico, however we have no confirmed cases of the virus in Mazatlan. Last evening I was watching the Stanley Cup play-offs on TV in the Golden Zone restaurant, with a group of Canadian tourists from Vancouver, when in strolled 3 health department fellows with masks on their faces, and clipboard in hand. They wanted to know what time the restaurant closed. It seems that they are concerned about late night gatherings and have already closed a few places down. The answer "11 pm" satisfied them and off they went.

This is a big holiday weekend across Mexico with today being Labor Day, but we aren't sure how many national tourists will be traveling. Normally the beaches would be full this weekend. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon, but I believe the damage has already been done to tourism for this year. We have no cruise ships porting, a few flights from Canada have been cancelled, and some people have chosen to wait. Others are still arriving. The Canadian tourists I met last evening told me that their resort staff tried to convince them to stay inside the hotel (eat and drink there!) but being the loyal Vancouver Canuck fans they are, set out in search of satellite TV's!


May 1, 2009, 8:22 PM

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Re: [pez222] Trip to Maz' cancelled

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Depending on what you were planning to do while here? Local gov't has closed all public places including the Aquarium, art galleries, museums, the theatre, etc. Aparently they have also either shut down bars and nightclubs, or at least restricted the hours of operation. In other words any place where crowds may congregate. Cruise ships and some airlines have cancelled flights. So, if you were planning on doing the usual touristy things that is not possible. If you were planning to just sit on the beach and enjoy a peaceful R and R then it is probably great.

There are no reported cases of the flu but the damage has been done to the economy of this city. This is a big weekend for the tourist industry and I am sure that it will be hurting somewhat because nationals are not travelling either. The lady who helps me clean my house told my today that her husband, who works in a hotel, has had his hours cut back to 3 days a week. I am sure that this is happening throughout the city as services experience the lack of business.

I feel so bad for the people here. First it was the Narco Wars that had an impact - albeit not too bad. Now it is this. Only time will tell if all of this will have a long term effect on this beautiful tourist spot.
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