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Hound Dog

Apr 27, 2009, 11:35 AM

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From My Cold, Dead Hands

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Well, Charlton Heston (Moses) was fond of blue steel and gunpowder and ridding pathetic Western towns of villians with his sidearm and preaching self-sufficiency and delivering the Israelis from the evil clutches of Yul Brenner leading his despicable Egyptian hordes against the innocent and fun-loving Israeli slaves only to be drowned in the muck of the Red Sea and that is the same Yul Brenner who tried to pick up my wife in about 1985 at the (then) new Bonaventure hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and she called security on him because he was only about four feet tall and dressed all in black leather wearing sunglasses at night and she thought him an imposter until Bonaventure security informed her that that was, in fact, Yul Brenner but by then it was to late for her to score with a star but I digress.

Moses was talkng about taking away his guns from his "cold, dead hands" but The Dawg is not concerned about firearms but comestibles so here is my story. After six months in Chiapas we returned to Lake Chapala and I swear to God today I made my first shopping trip to Super Lake in San Antonio Tlayacapan and I felt like a true Roman Catholic seeing the Pope for the first time and I bought:
Frozen Tuna Steaks
Brussels Sprouts
Snow Peas
Fresh Salad Lettuces from ACA
Gruyere and Emental and Parmesan Cheeses from Europe
Fine Serrano Ham from Seville
Fresh Flash Frozen Blue Crab Meat from Indonesia
And on and on and on.

This store is a national treasure in Mexico and would be in the States as well. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to walk the aisles of this outstanding market after six months in Chiapas. Those of you fortunate enough to live at Lakside should thank your lucky stars.


Apr 27, 2009, 2:41 PM

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Re: [Hound Dog] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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It should be noted to those of you NOB who are asking about the cost of living here at Lakeside.... Dawg's grocery list above cannot be accomplished on your Social Security check alone! Depending on how much of a hit you took on your 401(k), you may not even be able to do so using that as a cushion either.

Me, I stopped by the chicken lady's place and picked up half a roasted chicken, rice and salad for 40 pesos..... $3. Enough to serve two people (assuming one of them isn't gordo). And..... one can afford that on the most modest of budgets.

(Actually would have preferred to eat from Dawg's table but, alas, I wasn't invited. A minor oversight I'm sure)

Hound Dog

Apr 27, 2009, 5:06 PM

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Re: [RickS] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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Well, OK, Rick, that selection of goodies at Super Lake was not inexpensive but I save so much money shopping in the indigenous market in San Cristóbal during the half year we live there that all that left over moneda is burning a hole in my pocket by the time I return to Lakeside.

On the other hand, the "ranch" chickens I buy from Carlos the Chicken King in San Cristóbal (what would be called "free range" chickens back in California), which I believe may have largely been fighting cocks before their demise, are so tough, I gave up on eating the last one I bought and carry it in my trunk as an emergency spare tire. Best spare tire I ever owned and cost me $35 Pesos.

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Apr 27, 2009, 6:13 PM

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Re: [Hound Dog] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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Funny stuff! More importantly though....

Fresh Flash Frozen Blue Crab Meat from Indonesia

Seriously? Do tell, please. Where in SuperLake? I feel a splurge comin' on...


Hound Dog

Apr 27, 2009, 7:06 PM

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Re: [tashby] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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Sorry, Tashby but the blue crab is no more in inventory at Super Lake as best I can see. Please put Pancho under pressure to re-order. This is really a good product. Maybe some of the best crabcakes I ever prepared were made with this frozen blue crab and Zatarain´s crab cake mix with The Dawg´s own tartar sauce brought down from Mobile and I swear to God it took me home. A worthwhile repast.

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Apr 27, 2009, 8:19 PM

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Re: [Hound Dog] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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I think I'm officially entitled to call you a jackass at this point. You just bought the rest of the crab and now it's out of stock?

Show me your freezer!

I'll put my Jalapeno Crabcakes up against yours any day....even without my dear, departed, shell-less, fleckless NW USA Dungeness.

More teardropping.

Brigitte Ordoquy

Apr 28, 2009, 9:16 AM

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Re: [tashby] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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Look here Tashby. You can´t call me a jackass, thst´s my wife´s name for me. Try buttbrain.

I would, of course, love to have your recipe for Jalapeño crabcakes even if they are made with the dreaded Dungeness Crab a more overrated creature for human consumption of which there is none more apparent.

The Dawg´s crabcakes made with blue crab are made with Zatarain´s Louisiana Style Crab Cake Mix so I can claim no special expertise in that area but here is something almost nobody knows about but me. Tadich´s, the old line restaurant in San Francisco´s Financial District that has been in downtown San Francisco since the 19th Century and is not a bad place to eat interminable seafood lunches accompanied by copious martinis has the best and most unique tartar sauce imaginable and what makes it special is its texture which as it turns out is a result of the fact that the kitchen adds mashed potatoes to the sauce to give it that special texture beloved of Tadich´s drunken businessperson type clientele. When The Dawg was a banker in San Francisco for a number of years in the 80s he wasted many an afternoon in that seafood joint before the advent of cell phones while his secretary (remember secretaries?) covered for him and the fun thing about that is that the bank paid for those extravagant lunches because Dawg was entertaining clients of immense value to the bank so this is what one called a win-win situation and what I really dislike about Mexico is that tartar sauce is very difficult to come by in a restaurant so here is a recipe:


Mayonaisse (of high quality please - preferably Best Foods around these parts)
One may substitute homemade aioli (French style garlic mayonaisse) for the commercial mayo above.
Dijon Mustard
French Cornichon Pickles chopped finely
Tarragon (either fresh or dried leaves)
Fresh Chives
Lemon or lime juice
Tadish´s mashed potatoes to taste for a unique texture but don´t get carried away

These ingrediants can all be found at Super Lake in San Antonio Tlayacapan. If you live in Sayula, good luck.

The Dawg

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Apr 28, 2009, 10:36 PM

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Re: [Brigitte Ordoquy] From My Cold, Dead Hands

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HOT DAMM Bubba!...Got my mouth watering for an oyster po'boy at the Acme in New Orleans with a chaser of King Crab at Ivar's in Seattle.
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