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sergiogomez / Moderator

Apr 10, 2009, 1:47 PM

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Weekend drinking

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I have the feeling that I should post something from time to time to keep things lively, but to be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no idea what to say. Especially so right now because I'm starving, have a pile of papers waiting to be written, and a boyfriend who's been waiting for me for more than half an hour.

So I decided to post about the first thing that popped into my head, which is cerveza, since it's Friday. For me, writing papers is no excuse for not having a little fun (ponerme en ambiente). Embarrassingly enough, some of my best (read: A) papers have been written after I had a couple beers. And if it's a project that I really, really don't want to do, I get a six pack from Wal-Mart. Classy, yeah. That's college life.

I guess this is supposed to be a "learning Spanish" forum, but as long as the topic is vaguely related to Mexican culture/life and there's a Spanish word every five posts or so, it seems good to me. No need to worry about getting flamed or feeling obligated to send private messages here. I'm easy going, and I think the Webjefe will be happy as long as we're polite.

So with that, échense una por mi.


Apr 11, 2009, 7:44 AM

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Re: [sergiogomez] Weekend drinking

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I don't know about for writing, but I've found that for speaking Spanish, a little cerveza or vino tinto sure makes things easier. I was a French major in college and during my junior year abroad I learned that trick with when speaking French... (Although now with demasiado vino tinto I start mixing French in with Spanish, much to the confusion of my interlocutors.)

Good luck with your papers!


Apr 11, 2009, 8:00 AM

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Re: [sergiogomez] Weekend drinking

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Apr 11, 2009, 8:21 AM

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Re: [Carron] Weekend drinking

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Hola todos:

¿Cómo difiere un fin de semana tomando de una parranda?
¿Cómo difiere un borrachín de una persona ebrio?
¿Cómo difiere vino de vino de uva?
¿Es un borrachín un adicto?
¿Es una persona que toma una cerveza con su almuerzo un borrachín?
¿Qué es una cheve?

We could go on with this type of questions all week end while sipping our beer or wine or tequilito.

Heist one for me. How would we say that in Spanish?


sergiogomez / Moderator

Apr 11, 2009, 2:08 PM

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Re: [jerezano] Weekend drinking

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My take on your questions:

Un fin de semana tomando is just that--sitting around the house or apartment with your friends, drinking and maybe watching telenovelas or movies.

Una parranda can be anything from visiting with friends at their house (whether or not beer is involved) to going out to the bar, the club, or the bullfights. There's usually a fair amount of drinking involved with this, although there might not be if whoever's going out is young (under 15), middle-aged, or pregnant.

Un borrachín is someone who drinks a lot habitually. Una persona ebria is someone who is drunk right now. Usually the cops say una persona ebria, unless you're talking about someone you don't know or don't like. If it's your friend who is drunk, you'd probably just say está tomado or está borracho. Shorten está borracho to ta borracho and you have a fun nickname for someone named Octavio. Reason I know is because my boyfriend has a cousin named Tavo (no one would dare call him Octavio) who everyone--OK, all the guys in the family, and me in private--calls Taborracho.

Vino can be any kind of alcohol--vodka, tequila, rum, etc.--but not beer. Vino de uva is what you normally think of as wine.

Un borrachín isn't necessarily an addict. The American side of me says that a borrachín would definitely be classified as an alcoholic based on the "four drinks at a time or more" definition. The Mexican side says that it really isn't polite to call someone a drunk unless his drinking is bad enough that he beats up his wife and doesn't take care of his family. Controversial, yes. But I post my opinion freely knowing that no one can reach through the computer screen and hit me. =)

By almuerzo you mean breakfast, right? I'm going to have to say that someone who has a beer first thing in the morning is not an alcoholic...because I've lost track of how many times I've done it myself.

Una cheve is una chela, una fría, una Corona (this can be any brand of beer), una birria, una caguama (if it's a really big bottle).

Heist one for me? Tómese una por mí or échese una por mí.

wendy devlin

Apr 11, 2009, 3:36 PM

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Re: [sergiogomez] Weekend drinking

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>ponerme en ambiente

Does this mean, put me in the mood?

If so. Your posts in general, Olivia, ponerme en ambiente.

As you seem a generous and intelligent person, giving of your time and energy to make this forum, a livelier place.

We're an extended family of two retirees,(abuelos) y nuestra hija y eposo y un nieto bonito, y otro hijo y esposa...muy cercano. The young people are in their the life that we older folks remember back then.

Yes. There is drinking. Partying. Sometimes with peers, sometimes with the whole family, especially with games and a piñata for the children. Sometimes a dry event. Just a lunch and a tour around el ranchito, milking the goats, holding los conjetitos, throwing grain to the chickens etc.

Although I have far from travelled or been everywhere. What happens. Around here. Most days or on special occassions. Could be anywhere.

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sergiogomez / Moderator

Apr 15, 2009, 12:55 PM

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Re: [wendy devlin] Weekend drinking

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Ponerse en ambiente does mean to get in the mood. I like that translation. Actually, I hadn't thought of it before, since ponerse en ambiente is one of those phrases that means a lot in Spanish but isn't that easy to express in English. I would describe it as sort of a relaxed, happy-go-lucky state of mind...pretty much how you feel when you've had just the right amount to drink, although you don't have to drink to "get in the mood."


Apr 15, 2009, 4:05 PM

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Re: [stina] Weekend drinking

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Obviously, a couple of drinks lowers your inhibitions enough for you to try saying things in a foreign language you would never attempt otherwise. And, also obviously, if you goof it up royally everyone will excuse the disaster because, well, you had had a couple too many and everyone had a good time anyway.

But I read a scholarly article several years ago that said, in summary: The tongues, lips, cheeks, etc. of adults tend to get frozen into the muscular configurations required for speaking their native language only. Under normal conditions, they simply cannot physically form the correct sounds of a foreign language. But a couple of drinks tends to relax those muscles and therefore it is easier for the speaker to form the correct pronunciation. Rolling "rrrr's" is a good example.


Apr 23, 2009, 7:34 PM

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Re: [Carron] Weekend drinking

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My wife says that she knows when it's time to "shut me off" from the alcoholic beverages when I start rolling my Rs, since "unlubricated" I can't roll my Rs at all.
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