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Mar 19, 2009, 9:17 AM

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What's Going On in Your Kitchen Today?

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As I write this, we are having a store-bought tres leches and glasses of ice cold milk for breakfast. It will fortify us for another busy day en la cocina.

Last week we bought a large pressure canner ( Presto brand from and I have been busy ever since putting up meats: chicken breasts, carne molida, guisada. Today I will be canning about 8 quarts of additional chicken with various ingredients. I also plan to try domestic mushrooms, wild rabbit, Bolognese sauce for spaghetti, chili, Burgundy beef, lamb, assorted soups and broths, etc. I did my homework and thus far everything has worked just as it was supposed to.

Why bother with home canning??? Well, the solar panels at the ranch provide enough power for lights, computer (off-line), and cell phone charges. I do not, however, have enough power for refrigeration. This means that if I spend a week or more "off grid", as I often do, I can only have real meat the first day after I shop for groceries. After that I depend on staples such as pasta, tuna, pork and beans, and eggs. With commercially canned veggies. I really prefer my own recipes.

Since the early 70's I have done water bath canning of pickles, peppers, preserves, marmalades, syrups. One of my major successes was a syrup made from ripe mesquite beans when we first moved to the ranch four years ago. Used lots, gave lots away. Haven't had a bumper crop of beans since, so no more jarabe. I think my horses are getting to the beans before I do!

Two years ago Hubby produced a glut of cucumbers in our garden. Thus we have a rule in my house: you do not eat a sandwich without eating one of Mom's dill pickles. Two sandwiches, two pickles.

The hardest part of the process so far is not to rip the seal off the top of the jar and eat the contents right away. But my pantry shelves are beautiful! Now if I just don't poison myself and my family when we do eat them . . . . .


Mar 19, 2009, 10:51 AM

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Re: [Carron] What's Going On in Your Kitchen Today?

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Absolutely nothing!

So I'll have to revert to what I made yesterday: Camarones al Mojo de Ajo.

We had some beautiful plump shrimp from San Blas, and the above dish is so simple, how could it go wrong? Well, it didn't really. It was fine. But it wasn't great so I was disappointed. Just seemed like it didn't have enough.....something.

You would think 10 cloves of garlic (for 2 servings!), the ancho chile, salt/pepper, parsley, little lime juice etc. would do the trick, but it was just kind of blah.

Try, try again!

P.S. Your post makes me hungry, Carron!
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