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Mar 16, 2009, 7:57 AM

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New Imigration Law being Written

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Hello all,

I have not seen anything anywhere else to confirm this following notice from the "Sol de Zacatecas" page 10A of March 15, but we should be aware this action is going on. We should advise our Consulates and the Embassy of any special problems which need to be addressed and ask them to be sure and follow the work and keep us informed.


The state (Zacatecas) Director of Imigration informed us that a new Imigration Law is now being written.

After talking about a recent work meeting of the group Consultants for the National Institute of Migration [which includes both Imigration and Emigration] he stated that the new legislation is just at the beginning stage.

The working meeting was called by the National Commissioner of Migration Cecilia Romero Castillo who has given the group the task of gathering suggestions which will be used to improve the present situation.

He said "this is very good news."

He then explained that "The law which now regulates the actions of foreigners here in México is the General Law of the People and what is wanted is not a modification of the present law but a new law to replace it."

He then stated that as part of the task commissioned by the Commissioner of Migration, "...foros will be established to which the citizenship will be invited to submit proposals for the most complete law possible."

It should be noted that the present General Law of the People is the law that governs and regulates those "phenomena" which "affect the people as to their number, their structure, their actions and their distribution in México."

Among the phenomena are migration [movement within Mexico], imigration (foreigners who enter México), emigration (Mexicans who leave México), repatriation (Mexicans who reenter Mexico), and the sanctions applicable in all aspects.


jorge avelar

Mar 18, 2009, 6:08 PM

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Re: [jerezano] New Imigration Law being Written

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If that is a new project, then let's see what kind of project. The Law of Population has many contradictions. One of those is: The nationality Law never mentions the Immigration qualities like fm2, fm3, etc.

They changed the internal rules, but the law is the same still.

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