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Mar 9, 2009, 8:20 AM

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Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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We're planning a weekend trip to Guanajuato at the end of June.

On past trips, we'd eaten at the Restaurante Truco 7 several tims.

I recently learned that they have a detached B&B some blocks away, the Hospedería del Truco 7.
What I've seen on their website looks very attractive.
What I'd like to know is if anyone on this forum has stayed there? Opinions, please!




May 7, 2009, 7:59 AM

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Re: [Anonimo] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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Wow. That place looks pretty perfect. Am I reading the mapa correctly, that it's right "behind" (Pipla side) of Templo de San Diego?

We might just have a little review for you next week.


May 7, 2009, 2:14 PM

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Re: [Anonimo] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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Anonimo, conversations of Guanajuato always interests me because of the good times we had there. In the five days there, we spent little time, except for showering, sleeping, and relaxing after full days of outings away from our hotel because there is so much to see and do in such a short span of time. I’m not familiar with Hospedería del Truco 7 but I do have opinions I’ll share.

I know from your previous posts that meals are central in your travels and your photos and critiques tune ones eye in what to look for while traveling. As you already know, GTO being such a beautifully rustic old town with its unique hillside structures is definitely a set-back to a time, hopefully will stay with us for many more years to come, even if its just for the sake of nostalgia.

In various other towns, we’ve stayed in much nicer hotels $$$, but GTO’s to us has El Centro as one of its main attractions. Thus being smack-dab in the middle of it all was recommended by one of the locals where Mexican tourists stay at a price of about 30-35 dollars per night with 24/7 enclosed guarded security parking. The name of the hotel is El Insurgents.

We toured and ate out routinely. The town provides plenty of places to sit for people watching and/or just relaxing because the hilly sidewalks lend toward leading you toward seating areas for muscle relief. ;-) And just coincidently, there is always something smooth and cool to drink or eat while relaxing.

There is a red tram that takes you up to Pipila, and just about a block above Pipila there is a very nice Hotel-Bar/Restaurant (name escapes me) who’s panoramic view is one of the best of the city while relaxing in their lounge chairs, ambiance and sipping or eating. Good luck and enjoy your viaje.


May 7, 2009, 9:13 PM

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Re: [Anonimo] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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Yes, very nice looking. It may just be the camera angle but the king size beds look like they are double-king!

Something I though was funny.... on their "Policies" page, they state, "Our rates remain the same year-round. We do not raise our rates during high season". On their "Rates" page, they state, " 750.00 pesos per room per night, double occupancy (low season). 800.00 pesos per room per night, double occupancy (high season) .

As they say, "Only in Mexico".


May 8, 2009, 5:50 AM

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Re: [RickS] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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Yes; in an email reply to my inquiry, they told me the rates would be in the "high season" category, even though their websites defines the dates as beginning July 1. We were planning to stay June 19 to 22.

We are reassessing our plans, not because of the rates, but because we may need to recoop from a 3 week visit to the U.S where we are now.



May 9, 2009, 8:01 AM

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Re: [Anonimo] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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We enjoyed the Meson de los Poetas in Guanajuato. It was a lovely place - we had a kitchenette. I believe we paid about 860 pesos a night, and a breakfast buffet (included and egg scramble etc..) was included. It was easy walking distance to the Jardin de la Union, and we would stay there again
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May 15, 2009, 5:40 PM

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Re: [Anonimo] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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(For Don Anonimo.....who has assisted me more than once in the past. I owe you. Hope this helps. ¡Saludos!)

Hospederia Truco 7

We stayed here three nights during May of ’09--low season. This was also during the whole Swine Flu business, and it was a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Given all that, the place was empty. And by that I mean we were the only guests. (Arrived with no reservations and had our choice of room.) Also, we arrived here after staying three nights in San Miguel de Allende at a property that was much higher-end, so our perception of Truco 7 may be a bit colored by that. Nonetheless, overall we thought it comfortable and a good value. It definitely has several things going for it, plus a couple of negatives. Just depends on your personal “need list”.

The photos on the website are accurate, though the rooms aren’t quite as bright as they appear in the well-lit photos. Still, there’s plenty of light and air if you have your doors open.


--The location could not be more central, directly behind Templo de San Diego, just steps from the Jardin. You climb about 25-or-so gentle steps up a pedestrian only calle to the entrance of the place (which, if you’re familiar with Guanajuato, isn’t bad). Super easy access to cabs also, and maybe some busses, as there’s a tunnel exit that spits vehicle traffic out into el centro, essentially just below the Hospederia. Additionally, evidently, the cajellone minstrels (?word?) that prowl Guanajuato parade just below your room, I think. Most likely we didn’t get to enjoy them because of our timing.

--A room with a view. Using their homepage photography, four of the five rooms offer the same pleasant view of the Templo de San Diego and city center that you see pictured in their banner at the top of the homepage. That particular shot was taken from their very pleasant rooftop deck, which is accessed via the stairs on the right of the interior “common area” main photo you see on the homepage. The view from the roof is truly great at night when the buildings are uplit, and includes not just Templo de S.D., but the University and Basilica as well. All four of those rooms have tiny, stand-only terrazas which afford the view (and room light and air) via a small set of French doors (see small inset room photo on the same page). The fifth room is more interior, no view, smaller, and I suppose would be the room of last resort. Didn’t look at it.

--Spotlessly clean rooms, pleasantly decorated with comfortable beds. Newish bathrooms, etc. Everything seems to work. (We had one morning without any water for about an hour, but… know….eh.)

--Breakfast is included. While we were there, they gave us a voucher for breakfast at Truco 7. For free, we could choose from a very limited menu. (TIP: If there are two of you, have one person order the fruit plate, the other the “something else” plate, then share.) If you wanted more, you’d order and pay from the main menu. There is also a restaurant directly downstairs (“Tiempo”) that I believe is owned by the same family since they own the whole building. I think that is probably where they normally offer breakfast, but it wasn’t open while we were there. Hence the voucher to Truco 7. Truco 7, by the way for other readers, is located on the “backside” of the Basilica on Calle Truco (imagine!) and is definitely worth visiting even if not for a free breakfast. Great ambiance.

--Rack rate was 750 MXP for a two-person room during May of ’09. That includes IVA and taxes.

--Parking is available (for extra $$$$) directly downstairs


--Parking is available directly downstairs. It is a 24-hour garage, so you will hear the ins and outs if your window/doors are open. I imagine on weekend nights it’s constant. Not too, too noisy with the terraza doors shut, but then you’ve lost your view/air.

--Adjacent to the parking garage is a Primaria. The play area for the school is directly below your window and offers the acoustical double-whammy of a concrete floor covered by a corrugated tin roof. You will find the noise either charming or not.

--Lack of cross ventilation/privacy. This is where it gets a little tricky to describe. If you look at the homepage of their website, you see photo of the indoor common area. Actually, that’s really the lobby/reception and common area. There is now a desk set up toward the back wall of the photo, with telephone etc., that they use for reception. All four of the desirable rooms (with views) are along the left side of that photo. In that photo you see a window on the left covered with wood bars. That was our room, and that window is the bathroom window. So there you go. Your bathroom window opens to the lobby/reception. The one room that doesn’t have this issue is the one furthest in the back…..the door under the cross….so it’s probably the best room for privacy, but it may not have any bathroom window at all. I think it’s a double door entry too, so it might be quieter re lobby noise if the rooms are full. Regardless of the (maybe) lack of bathroom window, it’s probably the most desirable room. We could have had it, but somehow, we didn’t find it. Oooops.


I think you can do a LOT worse than Hospederia Truco 7 for this price……but maybe you can do a little better depending upon what’s most important to you? I honestly don’t know because I’ve only stayed at one other place (H. Frayle on Sopena) which is similarly priced and equally well-located relative to the Jardin. Frayle has its plusses and minuses too. So far, in my very limited experience, there’s always been a trade-off in Guanajuato:

--Willing to climb?
--Potential for noise?
--Air? Cross ventilation?

So all that said, I’d stay at Truco 7 again. But if you (or I) do, definitely shoot for the room in the back. (Unless it has issues I don’t know about…..ha!)



Jun 26, 2009, 4:37 AM

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Re: [tashby] Hospedería Del Truco 7, Guanajuato

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¡Dios mío! I posted a lengthy reply but closed the wndow and it vanished.

Tashby, I agree with you on every point, except we would not stay there again. (There were many problems opening ad closing the antique widws, locking the front door, annnoying placement of oversize furniture across inside corners; no desk, table or chair until they cheerfully brought one on request.)
Two pluses for the place: the amiable staff, and the good bathroms, well supplied with towels, a washcloth and agua caliente las 24 horas.

The food at the restaurant was disappointing or worse as we had fond memories of it fom the 90s.

I wrote a similar review on under my alternate handle, "Don Cuevas".

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