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Mar 8, 2009, 8:15 PM

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Carlos Fuentes' view on Mexico violence, drugs, etc.

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Carlos Fuentes is a prominent Mexican author. I have always liked his political commentary, although I have not seen it in print for a while. Let me know if Carlos is publishing political commentary anywhere.

The below is from an interview with Carlos Fuentes published in L'Express, a major French newpaper. I don't know what language the original interview took place in; I am translating from the French.

The interviewer asks if violence is endemic in Mexico, referring to the Aztec's human sacrifices.

Without a doubt. But this does not explain the situation of a person of the middle class, who finds themselves at the bottom of the social strata due to the economic situation, and is aggressive to others to survive. This situation does not come from the Aztecs. This is the result of a social situation, in which the demographic explosion caused the population to go from 20 million in 1930 to 110 million now, without producing any change in the economic model. Poverty has not been eradicated. The lower class becomes a criminal class linked to drugs. Violence is everywhere, producing an enormous demand for security. This could produce a dictatorship. I am not optimistic.

This is because Mexico, for the most part, hid its problems thanks to tourism, oil and remittances from 18 million workers in the USA. With the crisis, the border is becoming tighter and tighter. It would require a plan comparable to Roosevelt's New Deal to put the country to work. Without that, there will be more unemployment, more misery, and more horrors.

Fuentes argues in favor of depenalization of drugs.

He was asked about the report that the USA says that Mexico could implode.

This is an initiative from a group of American military officers who want to prepare public opinion. Mexico has many problems, but there is at least a government structure, which came from the Revolution and Benito Juarez. It needs to be reformed, but at least it exists. If there was an armed intervention in Mexico, the country would rise up as one. The Americans had to leave Mexico in 1948. Now, not a single Yankee would leave Mexico alive.

As far as my own comments, I would note that Fuentes is pretty pessimistic about the Mexican situation. I think that his view that no Yankee would leave Mexico alive is patriotic wishful thinking. As far as I can tell, Mexico has never won a war against any of its invaders. The invaders eventually decide that the country is not worth the trouble, and leave on their own terms, not because the invaders were defeated in battle. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated precisely because it is one of the very few battles that Mexico ever won against the series of foreign invaders over the last few hundred years.


Mar 8, 2009, 9:48 PM

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Re: [raferguson] Carlos Fuentes' view on Mexico violence, drugs, etc.

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More useless babble. Thanks for no info here.


Mar 8, 2009, 10:07 PM

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Re: [raferguson] Carlos Fuentes' view on Mexico violence, drugs, etc.

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 I found it interesting. Thanks for posting.
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