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Oct 18, 2008, 5:09 AM

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Where to stay

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In November Iíll be stopping in Matamoros, Ciudad Victoria, Tampico, and Tuxpan for several nights at each city. Any advice on inexpensive hotels would be appreciated.


Oct 18, 2008, 7:32 AM

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Re: [frosti] Where to stay

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Why not stay in a Motel 6 in Brownsville. You could probably get a better deal on this side of the border. In the morning you could probably drive straight on through to Tampico.


Oct 31, 2008, 7:08 PM

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Re: [jreboll] Where to stay

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Motel 8 in Harlingen is an excellent stop. Also lots of other choices. Lots of restaurants nearby (Pancake House is very popular with the winter Texans.) Matamoros is the largest Mexican City on the South Texas Frontier. It is a much cleaner and better maintained city than Reynosa. But it doesn't have much to offer a tourist in the way of things to see and do. It developed late, there is little colonial architecture, the principal church and plaza is not very interesting, the market is saturated with day tourists, and there are few really good restaurants. I can see no more than one or two days at the most in Matamoros.

Cd. Victoria is the capital of the state. It is older than Matamoros. While much smaller it does have a few more interesting things to see. The market is not saturated with tourists. The government buildings are modern and active. The city square is interesting. But again as a tourist I wouldn't spend more than two days there.

I'm suggesting staying in Harlingen because just south of Harlingen is the Free Trade Bridge (Los Indios) which is about the easiest crossover point for papers and documentation in Texas. (The Matamoros crossing is not an easy one). Straight shot from Los Indios on good highway south from the bridge through Valle Hermoso (check point just south of Valle Hermoso) to a junction with the coastal highway some 138 kilometers south of Matamoros. No need to go through Matamoros at all. At Cd. Victoria there used to be three hotels on the main plaza all reasonable in cost. I would recommend the Sierra Gorda if it is still there, but I haven't stayed in Cd. Victoria for years.

On the other hand if you either cut East at the Soto La Marina junction or continue on to the Monterrey-Tampico autopista and bypass Cd. Victoria, you would arrive in Tampico early enough to overnight there. I can't tell you anything at all about Tampico because I have only made day trips to that city.

Look up posts on these routes by Ed and Fran or send them a private message asking for details. They are quite familiar with the highways and stopping places since they live in Tuxpan Veracruz and travel north and south along the coastal route with frequency. If you leave Harlingen at 7:00 AM, breakfast at a hotel on the right just as you leave Valle Hermoso, perhaps lunch at San Fernando (I wouldn't) or at Soto La Marina you would be in Tampico in the mid afternoon for overnighting.

Again look for posts here by Ed and Fran on this route or PM them.

Frosti, you imply that you will stay in Matamoros, CD. Victoria and Tampico on business or some other reason that will require you to stay in those cities. I wish I could give you more information but for the past 20 years I have lived in Zacatecas and while I pass near those cities at least once a year I haven't overnighted in any of them for ages.

Have a good trip.


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Ed and Fran

Oct 31, 2008, 8:33 PM

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Re: [jerezano] Where to stay

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Look up posts on these routes by Ed and Fran or send them a private message asking for details.

We've already been in touch. Hoping to get together when Frosti passes through Tuxpan.
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