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Oct 15, 2008, 1:01 PM

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Spanish speaking can be fun!

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As a result of efforts given to the attention needed here to integrate Spanish and English in such a way that it produces more meaning to me and what I say interpretively to others gives way to not being shy and speaking Spanish when opportunities arrive.

Yesterday I went to the Mexican Consulate to get some business done and holly molly, Mexicans were standing in lines, sitting, and milling around in groves. Talk about an opportunity for emersion, it was a given! Opportunity rang and Spanish mode immediately kicked in with each greeting smile in my path.

After explaining to one of the officers in uniform what was needed he dutifully escorted me upstairs to the Noterios waiting room. After I signed in and sat down to wait with all the others, a very light skinned, attractive, middle aged woman sat next to me. Of course, with the first words spoken, a Spanish conversation followed. She looked very Euro with green eyes and pale, very white sort of an English sallow complexion with bright red lipstick, which made her even more striking.

In the midst of our waiting room muted conversation, suddenly I broke out in heightened laughter after I realized what she had said. While disclosing her tenure in the US, she said, “Tengo veinte años de residencia y diez años mojados aquí en los Estados Unidos.”

We locked eyes inquisitively as if trying to figure out what she was saying and reflex inquiringly asked, “mojados” and when she laughed, I realized it was a bit of a deprecating but yet comedic reference to her being a “wet back.” Her humor was dry and caught me off guard, thus guffaw type laughter followed. This woman was allot of fun to talk too before my name was called by the Notaria.

Having already flexed my vocabulary muscles a bit, I sat across the desk from this young, very polite, exquisite looking creature who carried herself with such grace, a white splash for a smile and her Spanish made me want to: contarle de las flores …….Laugh

Kidding aside, she was very nice, helpful and a delight to speak too. Besides business, she revealed she had just graduated from one of the best Lawyer College’s in San Antonio, Mexico a few months prior. Our conversations led us to discussing stuff such as what has been going on lately on MC about interpretive differences between Spanish songs, versus, poetry, and its English counterparts. She also agreed that romantic things, said in Spanish, would sound almost ludicrous when directly interpreted in English.

I came away with not only my business completed but she also sealed the package by emphasizing that my Spanish was surprisingly good ….. Ho humm, such is life and yes, yesterday was a good day!


Oct 15, 2008, 6:39 PM

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Re: [Oscar2] Spanish speaking can be fun!

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It is fun to actually speak the language, and just chat with people, it is a totally different way of travel (or live) than when you have to struggle to ask a basic question.



Oct 16, 2008, 9:22 AM

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Re: [raferguson] Spanish speaking can be fun!

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Buenos días Richard and yes, it is true, speaking Spanish can be fun. At least I too find that although they say we speak well, inside tells I can always do better but that’s between me, and the swelling ambition to kick it up a notch or two while smiling and thinking of which way I can say it just a bit better with each opportunity.

Another truth is that when speaking to the locals, you can sense added interest in what and the way you say things to them, which visibly piques their interest even more because lets be real, they definitely know you’re an alien in their world singing the songs they’ve lived with all their lives. What I find fun is we know they know but they pensively listen and when the occasion arises where your fallibility surfaces, a quick smile beckoning help, most of the times they feel worthy and happy to pitch in with corrections.

Sometimes I’m in pitch, in the zone and sometime I feel like I should gargle with more practice. Most of the time though, I guess the glimmer of ambition winks its eye and that invisible nod is given which eases into mutual and sometimes interesting conversation and even more to my liking, is the joy of occasional laughter.

Gracias por respondiendo con tu entrada. Sería bueno escuchar otras historias y experiencias de otros…sí


Oct 17, 2008, 1:06 PM

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Re: [Oscar2] Spanish speaking can be fun!

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My best moment (after years of painfully eradicating my Castillian accent) came when a young man who worked in a store here in Mexico stared at me when I spoke and finally asked, ?Es Ud. de aqui o de alli? I know I have an accent in Mexican Spanish, the thing is, Mexicans aren't sure where that accent comes from, just "someplace else." In Mexico I've been asked if I'm from Argentina, in New York if I'm from Spain, in Puerto Rico if I'm from Colombia.... etc. etc. And since my last name is Italian, some just assume I'm Italian since when my husband speaks Spanish it is sprinkled with Italian and I sometimes respond to him in Italian.
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