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Sep 24, 2008, 7:05 PM

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Pulmonaria - driving cart

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Well we had a time in Mazatlan and my gawd was it hot, hot, hot.

I have wanted a golf cart to toodle around Ajijic in thru the main part of the village, not on the main roads, and now with Wlamart coming in and my disgust at the visual it make I will be doing allmy cross village travel on in village roadways. So back to the golf cart idea. Unfortunately I couldn't get the one I had on the hook thru the main gate it was 2 inches too wide and my husband was not ready to move his tools out of the other half of the garage- unless of course I wanted them in the sala.

I have now figured out how to get those tools out of there at a reasonable expense short of building a building next to the garage.(the cost of which has in 3 years tripled to $6000 US for a 20 x 16 tiled roof, steel beams, only two walls need be built and a sand laid brick floor). Geez.

So, in Mazatlan were those great Pulmonarias, set on VW thing bodies. Way better than a golf cart and probably not subject to objections for road worthiness as a golf cart might be, eventually. I don't want a fancy haul the tourists around town one. I want a rolling jalopy one that I can paint sparkly lime green and upholster with mexican striped plankets and a solid sunbrella top with 8 inch fringe on the sides.....yeah, yeah, but we all have our dreams and I usually find a way to make mine come close....

So, any of you over and up there in Mazatlan and there abouts do you know where I can find the sad and neglected and junk yard for these adorable carts.

Or a link to classifieds?

Marlene / Moderator

Sep 24, 2008, 8:56 PM

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Re: [NEOhio1] Pulmonaria - driving cart

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The Pulmonia (unique to Mazatlan, no doors, means "pneumonia")

Not to be confused with the Safari (different union, and has doors)

For those that haven't been to Mazatlan, check out this amateur Youtube video for a ride-along experience. The Pulmonia is everywhere, very much a part of Mazatlan.

They do come up for sale from time to time. If I see one for sale, I'll forward the information.

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Sep 25, 2008, 6:39 AM

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Re: [NEOhio1] Pulmonaria - driving cart

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Why not think along the lines of buying an old VW bug and stripping it back to seats - any good body shop ought to be able to do that for you - then adding the touches you are wanting. Not quite the same but much easier than having to go to Mazatlan and tow one back to Chapala.
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