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Nov 25, 2006, 1:03 AM

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A suggestion for window protection

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We’re happy with the rolling shutters we used on our casita in Baja Sur and I thought I'd pass along the info. These are custom made shutters and great quality for the price. The manufacturer was a pleasure to work with and we received very personalized service .
Wheatbelt Rolling Shutters

We described our environment and needs-
1. Security for a part time residence in a remote area.
2. Environment is a windy dusty desert, on the ocean, in a potential hurricane zone.

Roger at Wheatbelt provided very helpful suggestions.

These aren’t promoted as "hurricane" shutters because there's a costly testing process involved before they can be labeled "hurricane proof", but we were satisfied with the company’s claim that their shutters have protected windows from hail and very strong midwest windstorms.

Hurricane John this year hit us with tropical storm force winds just after we installed the shutters and we were able to test them out. With the shutters rolled down, we could open the windows for ventilation and keep out a lot of the blowing dirt. With the windows closed, there was no glass vibration during the strongest gusts so it seems like they will offer pretty good protection.

We ordered the foam-filled aluminum slat models online and they arrived (in Calif) in about a week. (This order was for 5 small windows in a little casita and I imagine that larger orders would take longer).

Out biggest window was 38"x43" and the shutter was $273 for an example of the price.

Ours are the manual-crank model that requires a specialized tool to operate. Once they're down, they won't come up with out this special tool. It should deter vandalism and break-ins and make it enough of a hassle that ratones will keep searching for an easier target. Of course if they want to get in they will, but I sure as heck don't want to make it easy for them !

When we design the main house we'll know to incorporate the shutter box and track inside the window opening or soffit above so you won't even see them when they're up. Since I've painted the aluminum boxes and frames, they blend pretty well with the walls. Here's a couple of photos. The Wheatbelt website has photos of what the shutters look like when they are down.

During construction

After painting


Jul 16, 2007, 8:00 PM

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Re: [punta4] A suggestion for window protection

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Thanks for providing this great info Punta4

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Jul 17, 2007, 2:54 AM

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Re: [punta4] A suggestion for window protection

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I can't get this page on your second pic.I keep getting 'page not found' on the 'after painting'.Do I have to join to see them?I seemed to get the first pic just fine?
Thanks for letting us know about these, now if I was just a big closer to sunny Ca.!Kinda far away here in Cozumel Island.Well maybe I could bring them down on the plane since I need such a small size for my 2 windows,mine are tall -7-10 ft. by 1 and 1/2 feet wide,but the wind sure does hit them just right!
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