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wendy devlin

Mar 17, 2007, 11:18 AM

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Son Jarocho

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On a recent coffee thread, people are discussing the music of's distinctive character.

If you want some beginning information about Son Jarocho, musical tradition, read Janice Carraher's two articles archived on the Mexconnect author's index.

Janice and I became e-pals many years ago. During numerous email discussions, she described how she travelled to Veracruz over the years, to specifically learn how to play in the musical style of the region.

Her stories describe some of her experiences. Still remember her tales of going off into the countryside to play at weddings and fiestas with her Mexican musician friends, once she became more accomplished at this music.

Janice was preparing when last we communicated, to go and live 'forever' in Veracruz. Just before she disappeared into the country, I convinced her to submit several stories to Mexconnect.

Hope that these stories whet your appetite for Son Jarocho:)


Mar 18, 2007, 9:03 PM

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Re: [wendy devlin] Son Jarocho

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Thanks, Wendy, Janice's articles were some of the first things I read when I joined Mexico Connect. A big part of the reason I love Veracruz so much is the music. If and when we get there that's one of the things I hope to study further.

Michael McLaughlin

wendy devlin

Mar 19, 2007, 2:04 PM

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Re: [trpt2345] Son Jarocho

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 Mr. Mike,

In your future musical adventures, should you meet a tall señora(more than 5' 4") que tiene el edad del madura who's playing....

...fantastically at a party in Veracruz.

Sidle up to her and ask, "Señorita Carraher, I presume:)"

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"El Gringo Jalapeño"

Mar 19, 2007, 7:23 PM

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Re: [wendy devlin] Son Jarocho

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Wendy y amigos costeños:
I read Janice article a while back and really enjoyed it. La Candelaria is a wonderful fiesta, as is Tlacotalpan. Here is a page of photos you might enjoy of the interesting town...
Fortunately I live just up the street from "El Patio Muñoz" which is a vecindad(communal living area) where half of the rooms are inhabited by people who have rented there for generations and the other half by artisans, on of whom is Ramon Gutierrez, director of the group "Son de Madera", as well as an excellent jarana(like a ukaleili?) and incredible musician. Usually there is a Fandango once a month, with singing and dancing going on all night long. It is like having Tlacotalpan just down the street without the heat!
¡Hasta pronto, amigos!
Roy B. Dudley "El Gringo Jalapeño" See more about Xalapa at
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