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Mar 4, 2007, 9:02 PM

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Driving from PV to Nogales

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Well, we have been in PV for 4 months and it is now time to go home (AZ). I have some questions and would appreciate any suggestions. This is our first time driving from PV to Nogales.

We were thinking about stopping to sleep in Mazatlan on Saturday night and then staying somewhere in the Guaymas beach area on Sunday night.

Thanking you all in advance for all your great advise on the following items:

1. Mazatlan - a place to stay that has some type of secure parking. (Our SUV will be packed full.)

2. Guaymas area - a place to stay, again secure parking being an issue. (Where to eat?)

3. Crossing back into the U.S. What are the hours of operation for U.S.Customs and turning in our Mexico car permit? Will they unpack all my suitcases or do they have x-ray equipment.

4. Are some days of the week better than others for crossing back into the U.S.? Are certain times of the day better than others? Approximately how long should the process take?

5. On our drive down to PV last November we noticed that on the other side of the road (northbound) there were many, many army checkpoints. What is their purpose? What should we be prepared for? Will these various inspections add several hours to our drive?

Thanks, Marilyn

Ron Pickering W3FJW

Mar 4, 2007, 9:49 PM

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Re: [barmarr] Driving from PV to Nogales

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Well, can recommend the Belmar Hotel in Centro facing the Malecon. Very secure parking within the hotel. Sorta funky place with some history (John Wayne & other movie stars used to stay there when sportfishing)nand inexpensive, about $32 USD, and a good restaurant one or two doors south, and Puerta Viejo bar on the next corner (expat hangout). The rest I can't advise on as I can't remember where we stayed.
Have a good safe drive. No shoulders at some spots north.

You'll have about 3 nights between PV & Nogales.
Getting older and still not down here.

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Mar 5, 2007, 5:46 AM

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Re: [barmarr] Driving from PV to Nogales

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MArilyn, I'll provide some answers. These are based on our Jan return in a motorhome.

Hours etc for the border. Check out this site for Border hours and wait times. I don't know about the hours for the MX place that takes your stickers.

It took us 40 minutes from the time we hit the backup and that we were rolling again. In our case they walked a dog by the motor home and opened some of the compartments. Inside they checked for forbiden fruit, meat, etc. I guess they could open everything if they think something is hinky. For us it was smooth and from RV forums I gather that it normally is.

There are 2 types of check points in MX North bound. At every (?) state border there is an agriculture check point looking for forbidden fruit etc. There is a sign as you enter that says what is forbidden but I rarely figured it out. In all but one, they just waved us through. At one they came in the motor home and glanced at the fruit bowl and I guess what we had was ok. They were very polite and friendly.

Until we got further north we were never checked at the military check points. At only one, they were stopping everyone and doing a quick walk through looking for drugs and guns. My wife awoke to a young soldier stnding at the BR door with a rifle...that got her attention. Again, they were very polite, firendly and professional. Only delayed us by, maybe, 5 minutes. The long lines you saw were the trucks...I don't know how those guys make any money because they are lined up for miles at these the border, it was 4 lanes of semis for miles. Cars and RV's go in the left lanes and it wasn't too bad.

Others that do this more often can probably add more here. Steve
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