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what kind of rent car in Veracruz?


Feb 13, 2004, 11:21 AM

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what kind of rent car in Veracruz?

Four of us will be arriving in Veracruz to travel around and birdwatch in the area for about a week. I don't see SUVs available for rent on any of the general-purpose travel websites I know. Are the roads good enough to be able to get into the countryside in a regular (even low-clearance) car? Also, I have heard horror stories of driving problems in Mexico (but I hear horror stories about Puerto Rico, where I live, so I know these should often be discounted) - any tips on additional insurances (I'd plan on using my credit card for liability & damage coverage) or legal protections?

Many thanks,

John Thomlinson

Ed and Fran

Feb 13, 2004, 12:18 PM

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Re: [thomlinson] what kind of rent car in Veracruz?

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SUV's aren't as prevalent here as in the states. Most people here get around fine in their regular cars, typically VW bugs, Nissan Tsurus, Ford Focus and the like, and this type of car will do just fine on the regular roads. Sometimes in the rainy season the unpaved back roads will get pretty chewed up and be more suited to a pickup or other vehicle with more clearance, but you can normally pass on them with a regular car also. Veracruz has some pretty bad stetches of highway (in terms of maintenance, potholes, etc), but they usually just require paying attention and an agile hand on the wheel.

You didn't mention if you actually contemplated trying offroading, although I'm not sure how practical that is here as it seems to me that most of the land is privately owned and fenced.

Can't speak in general to the insurance question, but driving here in Veracruz isn't bad and if you live in P.R. you should do fine here. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the insurance question can add more.

Enjoy your trip.



Feb 13, 2004, 3:32 PM

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Re: [thomlinson] what kind of rent car in Veracruz?

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I agree that regular cars work well in Mexico, for the most part. Unsure how far off the beaten path you want to go, but figure you will get off the main roads to birdwatch. I would not worry too much about not having an SUV.

One comment is that four people with luggage is a lot for a car in Mexico, which tend to run smaller than in the US. Unless everyone in your group travels very light, you may want to consider a van. I remember upgrading to a van on one trip when our luggage did not fit in the car we had reserved.

I would suggest buying the liability insurance in Mexico, there are horror stories about what happens after an accident if you do not have Mexican insurance.


Feb 15, 2004, 6:52 AM

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Re: [thomlinson] what kind of rent car in Veracruz?

As far as an SUV, I can tell you I don't see a whole lot in Mexico City either. Ford Escape or a Chevy(Geo) Tracker are the two that come to mind that I have seen in the past.

The large vehicle of choice at rental car agencies seems to be the Honda Odyssey minivan.

Most rental cars here are either Nissan Tsurus (like the old boxy Sentra) or a VW Golf/Jetta. Make sure you get a car with an automatic (even if you know how to drive a manual), you will thank me later after you see how people drive. Another car is the Chevy, based on the old Chevette.

In Mexico, there should already be insurance on the vehicle. That is the way it works regardless of who drives it. Check the glove compartment or ask someone to make sure the insurance papers are in the car.

Veracruz, the city, has some of the best roads in Mexico. It reminds me in some ways of Miami Beach, sans a lot of problems. The Mexico City-Veracruz road has its problems especially when approaching and leaving Veracruz. The Topes, speed bumps, are also a lot less burdensome as compared to Mexico City.

The coastal roads also have few problems as I have taken the trip several times between Poza Rica and Veracruz, i.e., El Tajin.

I took a look at Dollar Rent-A-Car in Veracruz and they have a Suburban, which is really good for the roads here.

Hertz Veracruz shows that the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Excursion and Jeep Liberty are available at the Veracruz Airport.


Feb 20, 2004, 4:39 AM

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Re: what kind of rent car in Veracruz?

Thanks to all. We won't be offroading, and we'll be taking it slowly along the roads anyway, so it sounds as if anything that is physically large enough to fit us will serve. I do appreciate the input.

John Thomlinson