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NYT on Mexican governmental advertising limiting press freedoms


Dec 26, 2017, 10:34 AM

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NYT on Mexican governmental advertising limiting press freedoms

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I invite folks interested in what is going on in Mexico to consult this NYT article: In Mérida, the article appeared in Spanish in Por Esto 12/26:

If you try to follow events in Mexico and find a certain tunnel vision with regard to reporting on matters affecting public security, leadership corruption, and other vital, juicy topics, the article may give you a heads up on why. False scandals have also been used to undermine opposition leaders, as a court ruled in a PAN leader's case against El Universal, the oldest "national" newspaper. (That leader is now the presidential candidate of the PAN.)

Even Por Esto, which reprinted the article and claimed it was the complete article, dropped a juicy morsel towards the end, when it declined to note that the Castellanos report finally appeared on the website of the Carmen Aristegui, even though the website was knocked off the Internet just before the report was to go on line. (See either url re: Castellanos.)