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Palm Sunday weekend in Uruapan


Apr 6, 2017, 7:00 AM

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Palm Sunday weekend in Uruapan

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In the middle of the state of Michoacan, conveniently located between Morelia and Lazaro Cardenas, Uruapan offers an easy weekend get-away. Palm Sunday weekend, April 8 & 9, Uruapan has many events, exhibitions and plenty to eat. Most are around the center of town.
The Artisan Parade, DESFILE ARTESANAL, begins around 10am Saturday morning, with residents in costumes and holding the village’s crafts. There was an artist carried a giant “huarache,” those leather-strap shoes from the Huarache capital of the world, Sahuayo, Michoacan.
The Artist Market, TIANGUIS ARTESANAL DE DOMINGO DE RAMOS, is the main event in town. Over 1200 artists make this one of the largest art festivals in Mexico. See and purchase crafts from all over Michoacan.
The Crafts Concurso Exhibition, CONCURSOS DE ARTESANÍAS E INDUMENTARIA TRADICIONAL, is a smaller exhibition of the best of the best crafts in Michoacan. It’s across the street in the Casa de Cultura.
The Food Court of Purepecha Cooking, MUESTRA GASTRONÓMICA DE COMIDA P'URHEPECHA, is on a side street, connecting to Plaza, with the tastiest of Michoacan cooking. The aroma of the cooking is overwhelming so arrive hungry.
The Old Textile Factory also has a fabric exhibit opening Saturday. The 1897 factory building itself is worth seeing even if you are not interested into textiles. The antique weaving looms are still on view. Fabrica San Pedro is several blocks from el centro, down by the river.
On the town side of the Plaza, keep an eye open for La Lucha Coffee. Take a break, have a seat, and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Described as an “Old world coffee roaster” this brew is pure Uruapan. Enjoy a cup and grab a kilo of beans to take home.
Fight-off the munchies with a bag of macadamia nuts, considered to be the world’s healthiest nut. Since the turn of the century, nut orchards surround Uruapan. The macadamia nuts grown around Uruapan are eaten all over the world.
The center of Mexico’s avocado growing region is Uruapan, one of the avocado capitals of the world.
Uruapan has many fresh-water springs and streams. Rainbow Trout is abundant, fresh and eaten all over Michoacan. If you order trout "...a la Michoacana..." it will arrive topped with avocado slices and covered with toasted macadamia nuts.
If you are looking for something to do, head to the middle of the state and visit Uruapan. Be prepared for a feast for the eyes and the stomach.
Feliz viaje, David

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Apr 6, 2017, 8:27 AM

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Re: [dmhaun] Palm Sunday weekend in Uruapan

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"Head to Uruapan...."

Yes, I have and I liked what I saw! The old Textile Factory alone was worth the trip. But so much more.

Thanks for a nice Post about the area.


May 1, 2017, 9:01 PM

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Re: [dmhaun] Palm Sunday weekend in Uruapan

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Good tips David. Would like to visit these places soon.