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Why hello little scorpion


Apr 30, 2014, 9:27 PM

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Why hello little scorpion

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Didnt expect to see you here in DF/Estado de Mexico!

Much less in a completely sealed house! Non lamina roofing! No recent furniture purchases from hot places!

Did you hitch a ride in on clean laundry that dried on the line on our roof? Did you open the door with your stinger like my 4 year old suggested and walk in?

Most importantly... Are you a mommy scorpion and did you have an estimated 5-106 babies* somewhere hidden in our home? We are a baby friendly household, but you understand your babies are kinda poisinous to my babies, so we will need to gently MURDER any and ALL that we find lurking, just like we did to you.

Sorry it didnt work out between us Little Scorpion.


*says the internet

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May 1, 2014, 11:39 AM

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Re: [rayitodeluna] Why hello little scorpion

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Enjoyed your letter to the scorpion.
The following Geo-Mexico post - The geography of scorpions in Mexico - provides some context to the relative risks from scorpions in different parts of the country.


May 1, 2014, 4:05 PM

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Re: [tonyburton] Why hello little scorpion

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Im glad you enjoyed my little note ;) Thank you for the link with more information as well.

We were quite puzzled, but my inlaws (who live next door) found 4 in their home last year- for the first time in 30 years on the property! Everyone has many theories, to neighbors who visit durango often to the trailers that come to my FIL/husbands vulcanizadora bringing them in. Who knows.

All I know is my home is suddenly alot less cluttered, no inspiration greater than hiding monsters right? ;)

~~~~~~ Enjoying life in northern D.F. with our family of Americans and chilangos.
Family and expat blog here : ~~~~~~


May 6, 2014, 8:41 PM

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Re: [tonyburton] Why hello little scorpion

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Tony, you write "Durango has long been considered the scorpion capital of Mexico..." I am sure it is true, but in my 14 years in Lerdo, Dgo, I have seen only one, and it was outside.

Rolly Pirate


May 7, 2014, 8:11 AM

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Re: [Rolly] Why hello little scorpion

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Shows how successful the eradication campaigns have been!
Actually, you make a good point, and I should take a deeper look sometime into some of the state-level figures for scorpion stings.
The good news, as you know, is that the incidence of stings and death from scorpion encounters have gone down dramatically in recent decades.


May 7, 2014, 9:39 AM

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Re: [tonyburton] Why hello little scorpion

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Leon,Guanajuato had the record for most alacran stings a couple of years ago.


May 7, 2014, 11:25 AM

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Re: [tonyburton] Why hello little scorpion

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We have a heapin' helping of them here at the Lake. And let me tell you what, the small ones here are very bad news. In TX I've been stung a number of times, no big deal. Here I got hit on the end of my finger and by evening I could feel it all the way to my elbow. It took nearly a month to fully "not" feel it on the finger. And, the worst part about it was that when he hit me I was outdoors, and re-actively threw him somewhere, and I couldn't even find him to help him assume room temperature.


May 7, 2014, 11:29 AM

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Re: [stevebrtx] Why hello little scorpion

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In the circumstances, I'm glad you're still with us!
It used to be said (though it's not quite true) that the lighter their color, the worse their sting, so beware of the light-colored ones, which are much harder to spot.


May 8, 2014, 7:18 AM

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Re: [Rolly] Why hello little scorpion

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irony ... ? (We were just talking about it ... and ...)

Things that make Living in the Tropics . special: Kitchen Wars

What do you see?

~ .... or .... ~
Makes me pause,
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Aug 29, 2016, 7:41 PM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Why hello little scorpion

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Again, adding to an old posting.

In Scouts in the US, a troop had capsules of liquid tenderizer in the First Aid kit. This was for bee stings.

I could no longer find liquid tenderizer, so bought the salt based powder. I also found it in Mexico as McCormick's Ablandador de Carne. Be careful; other items have the same type bottle.

Ten years ago, I got stung in the bathroom. The little ******* (ahem, aka known as natural child in Mexico) was in the hand towel in the bathroom. My friend is a doctor and he had told me if I got stung come to his clinic immediately because if you are allergic, it can kill you.

First, I made a paste and put on the sting. Then I got my trousers on and started walking to his clinic. By the time I got to the bridge the swelling started to reduce. And, by the time I got to his office, it was gone. He still had me wait the mandatory two hours to be sure I wasn't going to react.

Several months later, I got nailed again by something, felt like an alacran but did not see it in the irrigation canal. I was way up the hill so started making a paste and walking home. Again in a few minutes it went away.

So, I told people about it and there was mixed results.

One day, I thought, and suddenly realized, "It was not the paste. I was also ingesting some each time to clean the stuff off my fingers." My current theory is that when the stuff hits the blood stream the poison is neutralized. It doesn't hurt to make the paste, but it is of limited value.

McCormick ablandador has papaina in it. Papaina comes from the milk of green papayas.

A herb doctor told me that the indigenous people traditionally made a tea of papaya leaves for scorpion stings.

Last week, I encountered a number of tiny ants. Ant bites tend to last many days. I dug out the tenderizer and ingested a modest amount and the paint went away in a few minutes.

Those neighbors who have switched to tenderizer report that all pain goes away in an hour, but when they have gone to the hospital to get the anti-venom the pain lingers for up to a month.

I cannot tell you how much to take. Wet your finger, dip it in the tenderizer, and lick it off. Keep that up every minute or two, and each time drink water with it, until it goes away. I also tell them, however to also start walking to the government clinic just in case.

For me, all pain is gone within 15 minutes, but as a hypoglycemic I eat lots of salt, so I assume I can ingest a lot more salt than the average person.

In the USA, tenderizer used bromelain (sp?) from pineapple and I have not tried it on scorpion stings.

One day I was walking with a cousin and a local tradesman through the woods from a home where he was going to make a steel gate. Some small worms from the trees got on us, and where they walked, it was like small stings. I took the tenderizer out of my basket, which I carry with me everywhere, and rubbed it on his back as a paste from my canteen. and, in seconds the discomfort was gone.

A neighbor woman when her chickens eat a scorpion gives the hen a pinch of tenderizer and so far only one case, it survived. When I have tried it, no luck, they died.