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Air Balloon Festival in Leon GTO


Nov 1, 2012, 9:32 AM

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Air Balloon Festival in Leon GTO

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I just saw a bus today (here in DF) that was announcing the Air Balloon Festival in Leon GTO.

If anyone is interested, it is November 16-19 th I believe . (But do double check the date)

There is a website (which is in English and Spanish both, check near the bottom of the page for the English option if you need it) .

If that link doesnt work, google
"Festival del globo Leon GTO 2012"

The page says tickets are 50 pesos, available at certain Oxxos or at the event.

I have never been but we are planning on going if work and schedules work for all of us! Thought I would pass along the info for anyone interested.


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