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Why buy a Steel Framed Lifetime Home ?

Luis Torres

Nov 12, 2001, 4:31 PM

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Why buy a Steel Framed Lifetime Home ?

Lower Energy Costs<p> allows for nine inch R-30 insulation
save up to 60% on utility bills
you can build these homes for $35 to $60 a Sq.Ft. <p>Higher Strenth, Better Protection<p> suffer little or no damage with hurricanes and earthquakes
will withstand winds up to 150 mi/hour
engineered for Seismic Zone 4, the most severe earthquake rating<p>Fire and Termite Resistant, Recyclable<p> doesn't warp, rot, buckle, creep, split splinter or burn like wood framed
won't contribute fuel to a fire like wood
virtually termite-proof
made from 66% recycled American-made steel(recycled steel contained in 3
to 4 junked cars)
saves 1/4 acre of timber for other uses<p>Design Flexibility<p> no "load-bearing" interior walls are necessary, allowing open, clear span interiors
not stuck with a one-size-fits-all floor plan not suited to your lifestyle
future expansion and remodeling is also easy and economical<p>Economical Building Costs<p> steel is so much stronger than wood, fewer pieces build a highly stable
smaller building crew is required and less time is necessary to construct
the frame
no need to pay for warped and defective materials culled from the framing
pre-engineered Lifetime Home have no waste
save both time and money over conventional wood framing<p>

empty lot owner

Nov 13, 2001, 8:52 PM

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After the framing, then what

still need inner and outer walls and a roof. What do you suggest