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What was the hardest thing to give up when you moved to the US from Mexico?


May 6, 2009, 8:21 PM

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What was the hardest thing to give up when you moved to the US from Mexico?

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I can write a looong post to the reverse of this question (and that being "what is the hardest thing to give up since moving back to the US?"). *sigh*.....still missing it there and it won't be anytime soon for us to return. Be happy if you are there, never know when it might be taken away.

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May 6, 2009, 9:41 PM

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Re: [TlxcalaClaudia] What was the hardest thing to give up when you moved to the US from Mexico?

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We, too, are having to consider the possibility of returning to Texas (only a few miles from where we live here in Mexico, but a world away culturally). But as we are getting older, we realize we will have to depend more and more on our adult children for help. It has begun already.

Just within the past few weeks I was severely kicked by one of my horses while I was alone at the ranch. I made it back to the house and crawled into bed, but I was laid up for awhile. Then about a month ago my husband came out to the ranch to help me with some chores; he got overheated and passed out, hitting his head and breaking his glasses. He lay unconscious in the hot midday sun for over an hour before my son could get here from Texas to help me move him. (Meanwhile I was having to haul wet towels and buckets of cold water out to the pasture to keep him cool.) To top things off, I spent a night at the house in town and when I went back to the ranch the next day, all my sheep and goats had been stolen and my house was burglarized, though not much was taken and nothing was rifled through.

My son has put his foot down and decreed that if he is to help us, he will have to have us closer. Actually the distance is not so much a problem as the long lines on the International Bridge that seem to get worse every time we cross in either direction.

My husband doesn't want to give up his Rottweilers and I don't want to give up my horses. But we both agreed we would consider the move back if we could have a ranch just like the one we now have in Mexico. And to our amazement, our son found us one!!! Thirty acres just outside Del Rio, on a high ridge shaded with mesquite trees, a corral and outbuildings, and our own water well. A view of forever toward the southeast (just the right orientation to capture passive solar power). Ten minutes from my son's job and feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. Bus service to our grandkids' school. Electricity, phone service, and a blacktop road right up to the gate. Lots of wild game and we can hunt or just plink at tin cans.

We did a lot of praying about our situation and I must confess it feels as though our prayers are being answered. We will have to build a couple of houses prior to all of the family moving there (no building codes or permits in the county), but my husband knows how and my son and his friends are young and strong and enthusiastic. It will be many months before we completely leave Mexico, but we will still be close enough to come SoB to shop and eat and buy medicines or just whenever we need a serious shot of Hispanic hospitality!


May 6, 2009, 11:15 PM

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Re: [Carron] What was the hardest thing to give up when you moved to the US from Mexico?

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Good for you, and your family, girl! I so love hearing about win-win situations...